College Basketball Is Here!!!!

Okay, I was going to wait until tomorrow to start our season long thread because tomorrow is the first day that a college basketball game is actually on TV. It’s an exhibition game, of course. BYU is playing….someone, but technically it is college basketball. It is college basketball that doesn’t count, but it is college basketball.

There are two closed scrimmages today, though. William & Mary is taking on Longwood, and Hampton is visiting VMI. Again, it is technically college basketball. It is college basketball that does not count, and it is college basketball between teams that aren’t very good, and it is college basketball that no one is allowed to watch, but it is college basketball, and it does begin today.

So, on that note, let me bid everyone…


There are some interesting closed scrimmages that I really wish we could see as regular season games. This could be a topic on our next/first podcast this Sunday. Closed scrimmages that we wish we could see during the regular season…..

This Saturday…

-VCU goes to Virginia. Those are two likely tournament caliber teams that are in the same state. Too bad they don’t face off during the year.

-Davidson goes to Texas on Saturday. Again, that would be another good game between two likely tournament caliber teams.

-Xavier is at West Virginia. In most years that would be interesting, but it’s a good thing for Xavier that it’s closed and no one will be allowed to see how bad they are.

-Colorado visits SMU in what will be the first game of any kind that Larry Brown coaches in.

-Middle Tennessee visits Murray State. If these two were to face each otehr during the year, it would be one of their better OOC games.

On Sunday….

-North Carolina is at Georgetown. These are two good programs that have a history with one another.

-Miami, FL visits South Florida in what looks like may be a bubble-licious matchup.

-Marquette goes to Illinois State, who could make some noise in the Missouri Valley this year

-Tim Miles takes Nebraska to Iowa State for what was once upon a time a conference game. Tim Miles would do better to leave his team behind and just go himself.

-Creighton goes to Iowa. The two actually met last year in a regular season game. Creighton looks to be a solid NCAA team, and Iowa is hoping to get into the picture.


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