Free Video Streaming 2012-13

As the season is starting to get moving, here is the current update on sources for FREE video streaming of games:

1) has a huge number of games every day, including every game available on the Full Court package and a ton of espn3 exclusive games.  While the site is free, it may not be available on some internet carriers (though at this point I believe almost everyone carries it).

2) offers free streaming of every home game involving a Horizon League team that is not on National television or espn3.

3) similarly offers free streaming of all non-televised, non-espn3 home game for MAC teams.  Note that so far the first few days of the season, the links for the webcasts have not been appearing until the morning of the games.

4) has links to free streaming of all home Big Sky games.  I believe you have to register with the site in order to get the feeds, but it is a free registration.

5) is the newest addition to free streaming this season, offering streaming of all Big West home games.  For University of Hawai’i games, you will actually be re-directed to UH’s own streaming service, but it appears that even these games will be free this season (in previous years all UH streaming was Pay Per View)

6) has a ton of free streaming of Ohio Valley Conference home games that are not being nationally televised.

7) offers streaming video of all games on the Pac-12 network, including games produced regionally that may not be available on your local feed.  It is only available to subscribers of cable carriers that carry the PAC-12 Network (and not necessarily all of those).

8) offers some web-stream only coverage of Big Ten games.  However, like the Pac-12, it is limited by your cable carrier, and some carriers (most notably Comcast) that carry the Big Ten Network still do not allow this service.

Beyond these sites, a few individual schools do offer limited free streaming of their non-televised games.  The best best is to check out that school’s website and see what is available.  For example, Rutgers offers a free webstream of their 3 or 4 games that are not being picked up for TV coverage.  In the past, Central Arkansas, Utah Valley, Longwood, and Seattle have all had free streaming video but I have no confirmation yet if those services will continue this year.

Obviously, several other conferences and schools do offer a Pay-per-view streaming package.  If anyone knows of any other conferences or schools that offer free (and legal) streaming, please let us know in the comments!

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