Merit Rankings for Wednesday, November 13th

-Listed below is my Merit List Rankings. It is not a ranking of who I deem the best teams to be at this point in the season like your typical Top 25. It is merely a ranking of who I think has done the most on the court.

I don’t think VCU is the #3 team in the nation. I don’t think UC Santa Barbara is the #5 team in the nation. I don’t think Louisville, , Kentucky and Ohio State are completely outside the Top 25 (or Top 30). However, in looking simply at merit, none of those teams have done anything yet.

-What is the basis for these rankings?? Merit. Nothing more. Nothing less. How do I determine merit?? It’s how good I think their wins and losses will look on a team’s NCAA Tournament resume. That’s why Louisville and Kentucky are nowhere to be found. They’re both very good teams, but have nothing of quality on their resumes at this point in time.



  1. KANSAS – Neutral floor win against Duke
  2. MICHIGAN STATE – Neutral floor win against Kentucky
  3. VCU – Road win against Virginia
  4. BYU – Road win against Stanford.  Home win against Weber State
  5. UC SANTA BARBARA – Decisive road win against UNLV
  6. WISCONSIN – Neutral win against Saint John’s.  Home win against Florida (FL not at full strength).
  7. OREGON – Neutral floor win against Georgetown
  8. UCONN – Neutral floor win against Maryland
  9. BAYLOR – Neutral floor win against Colorado.  Home win against South Carolina
  10. MANHATTAN – Road win at La Salle.  2-0 road record.
  11. NORTHERN COLORADO – Road win at Kansas State
  12. OKLAHOMA – Neutral floor win against Alabama
  13. SAINT MARY’S – Home wins against Louisiana Tech and Akron
  14. XAVIER – Home win against Tennessee
  15. CALIFORNIA – Home win against Denver
  16. KENT STATE – Road win against Temple
  17. UMASS – Neutral floor win against Boston College.  Home win against LSU
  18. UCLA – Home win against Drexel
  19. CINCINNATI – Home win against NC State
  20. NEBRASKA – Home win against FGCU
  21. TEXAS – Home win against Mercer
  22. RICHMOND – Home win against Belmont
  23. DUKE – Home win against Davidson
  24. GONZAGA – Decisive home wins against Bryant and Colorado State
  25. PROVIDENCE – Home win against Boston College
  26. USC UPSTATE – Road win against Virginia Tech
  27. SAINT FRANCIS U – Road win against Miami
  28. HARVARD – Neutral floor win against Holy Cross
  29. ORAL ROBERTS – Road win against Tulsa
  30. WICHITA STATE – Home win against Western Kentucky
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3 Responses to Merit Rankings for Wednesday, November 13th

  1. thermocaster says:

    I love the merit ranking idea. But I’ll take Wisconsin over BYU or UCSB at this stage…and frankly I’d take Oregon over both of them as well.

    • David Griggs says:

      I agree in terms of overall strength. But remember, it’s strictly merit. Wisconsin beat an average Saint John’s team on a neutral site and a short handed Florida team at home. BYU beat a better Stanford team (I think) in a true road game.

      We talked about how we thought Vegas was a fringe tournament team, and how tough they are at home. I don’t think UCSB is a better team than Wisconsin or Oregon (I think Oregon is better than Wiscy), but UCBS beat a tournament caliber team badly on the road. Oregon beat a similar team, but not as badly and it was on a neutral floor.

  2. Zachary Singer says:

    I wouldn’t put UConn top 8 in Connecticut, and there’s only 7 teams.

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