Highlighted Games for Saturday, Jan 11th

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-SAINT LOUIS AT DAYTON (Atlantic Ten). Great early game in the A10 today. Both teams are trying to play their way into the field. SLU has a good team, but their profile isn’t quite up to par yet and they could really use this win. Dayton has some good wins, but they need a strong showing in conference to feel safe.

-NORTH CAROLINA AT SYRACUSE (ACC). UNC has been schizophrenic all season long, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they played well today.

-IOWA STATE AT OKLAHOMA (Big Twelve). This would be a huge win at home for Oklahoma. Iowa State has looked fantastic, but they haven’t had many true road tests.

-WAKE FOREST AT PITTSBURGH (ACC). Pitt has just one loss, but did themselves no favors with a weak OOC, so they don’t have a huge margin for error. Wake had a big win against UNC last week, so if they can get this one we may have to start looking at them.

-INDIANA AT PENN STATE (Big Ten). Indiana needs this one.

-UMASS AT SAINT BONAVENTURE (Atlantic Ten). Saint Bona has won their last four and is a respectable 11-4 on the year. They’ll really have some momentum built up if they can pull this one off.

-VILLANOVA AT SAINT JOHON’S (Big East). Nova will likely be undermatched once again.

-FLORIDA AT ARKANSAS (SEC). I don’t think Arkansas is a tournament team because of how bad they are on the road, but they’re tough to beat at home so this will be a tough test for the Gators.

-BRADLEY AT INDIANA STATE (Missouri Valley). A win for Indiana State gets them to 13-3.

-TCU AT BAYLOR (Big Twelve). Baylor is coming off a loss, but shouldn’t have too much trouble bouncing back in this one.

-DUKE AT CLEMSON (ACC). Duke is still looking for their first true road win.

-KANSAS STATE AT KANSAS (Big Twelve). A huge rivalry game between two teams that we’re still trying to learn about. K State has won some big games, but are they up for the challenge in this one??

-MISSOURI AT AUBURN (SEC). Mizzou lost at home to a really bad Georgia team earlier in the week. IF they lose this one they’re really in trouble.

-DARTMOUTH AT HARVARD (Ivy League). Harvard is a potentially dangerous NCAA team, but they have to win the Ivy first.

-MINNESOTA AT MICHIGAN STATE (Big Ten). I’ve been impressed with the Gophers this year and am curious to see what they can do in a very hostile environment against a good team.

-RHODE ISLAND AT GEORGE WASHINGTON (Atlantic Ten). GW cannot afford to lose this one.

-MEMPHIS AT TEMPLE (AAC). Memphis got a big win against Louisville earlier in the week and cannot afford a letdown today.

-KENTUCY AT VANDERBILT (SEC). Kentucky should be able to get this one on the road.

-OKLAHOMA STATE AT WEST VIRGINIA (Big Twelve). West Virginia isn’t the best team, but it’s never easy to go out there and win.

-OLE MISS AT MISSISSIPPI STATE (SEC). This is a conference rivalry between two teams who have a lot of work to do.

-VIRGINIA AT NC STATE (ACC). Again, a game between two teams that have a lot of work to do.

-RUTGERS AT CINCINNATI (AAC). Cincinnati has looked great over the past several weeks and shouldn’t have much trouble at home today.

-UAB AT MIDDLE TENNESSEE (Conference USA). If UAB can avoid bad losses and win the league out right they may be okay for an at-large, but anything short of that won’t be enough.

-TEXAS A&M AT TENNESSEE (SEC). Tennessee has a lot of work to do and cannot afford to lose this one.

-CENTRAL MICHIGAN AT TOLEDO (MAC). Toledo is pretty much out of strikes with their loss earlier this week. They basically need to win out.

-UCF AT UCONN (AAC). UConn is off to a terrible start and needs a conference win at home.

-CAL POLY AT UCSB. If UCSB can win out, which they’re good enough to do, I think they’ll be safe.

-GEORGETOWN AT BUTLER (Big East). Neither of these teams appear to have done enough and need a very strong showing in conference. Butler did themselves no favors losing to DePaul earlier in the week.

-WICHITA STATE AT MISSOURI STATE (Missouri Valley). This is one of Wichita’s toughest remaining tests. Missouri State has just three losses and will be jacked through the roof for this one.

-TEXAS TECH AT TEXAS (Big Twelve). Texas is running out of strikes.

-FIU AT LOUISIANA TECH (Conference USA). LA Tech needs to dominate the conference if they want an at-large.

-CALIFORNIA AT OREGON STATE (Pac Twelve). Cal got a big win earlier this week at Oregon and simply needs to avoid a letdown today.

-WYOMING AT BOISE STATE (Mountain West). Boise missed a chance to get that much needs signature win earlier this week. They have a very small margin for error now.

-NEW MEXICO AT SAN JOSE STATE (Mountain West). I still like this New Mexico team, but their margin for error is small.

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