Highlighted Games for Tuesday, Jan 14th

-WISCONSIN AT INDIANA (Big Ten). Wiscy has looked like a national title contender. IU needs some big wins just to get on the right side of the bubble.

-GEORGIA AT FLORIDA (SEC). The Gators should win this one without too much of a sweat.

-OKLAHOMA AT KANSAS STATE (Big Twelve). Kansas State got waxed in their last game, but both teams have looked good lately and appear to be solid tournament teams.

-VCU AT GEORGE WASHINGTON (Atlantic Ten). The national media doesn’t appear to be that big on either team, but I wouldn’t be surprised if both ended up in the field. Still, both have work to do, which makes tonight’s game really important.

-BRADLEY AT WICHITA STATE (Missouri Valley). Wichita shouldn’t have too much trouble winning this one at home.

-PENN STATE AT MICHIGAN (Big Ten). Michigan got off to a slow start, but it does appear that they are perhaps beginning to put it together.

-KENTUCK YAT ARKANSAS (SEC). Arkansas is likely not a tournament team, but they are still very tough to beat at home. This will be a really tough test for Kentucky.

-PITTSBURGH AT GEORGIA TECH (ACC). Pitt is in the rankings and has a big record, but I’m still not completely sold on them and won’t be until they start beating good teams, which I do not consider Georgia Tech to be.

-BOISE STATE AT NEVADA (Mountain West). If Boise wants any shot at all, they pretty much need to win out.

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