Seed List Rundown (1/16)

On this edition, Chad and David run down their seed lists line by line and discuss the profiles of all the teams that are currently competing for a spot inside the bubble. There is disagreement right out of the gate as they debate whether or not Wichita State should be on the #1 line. They also take a close look at Kansas, and how they are underrated in the polls, and how they themselves could end up as high as a #2 or a #1.

Other teams that spark debate are Ohio State and Louisville. Both appear to be good teams, but neither have any real high caliber wins yet.

Green Bay gets some talk, as both feel they can land inside the bubble and avoid needing the automatic bid so long as they continue to blow through their conference.

All that, and much more!!


Check out Chad Sherwood’s SCGD Here:

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