Bracket Roundown: Feb 12th

On this episode, Chad is joined by David and Kyle as they talk about the new rules for building the bracket, particularly how conference match-ups no longer have to be avoided until the Elite Eight.

Instead of ranking the teams as he felt they should be, David and Chad changed things up this week as he tried to guess what he felt the committee would do if the season ended today. Topics that were discussed was whether or not Wichita State would get a #1 seed despite a weak schedule, whether or not Kansas would get a #1 seed despite six losses, where a team like Louisville would land who is high in the rankings, but doesn’t have much of a profile, and whether or not there is room in the field for teams with poor records in conference play, but good profiles other than that.

All that, and more…

Here is Chad Sherwood’s SCGD:

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