Bracket Rundown: Feb 19th

Due to technical difficulties, the camera is on David Griggs for the entire show and you can only hear Chad, which means it is a much better show!!

There are five teams that look like solid #1 seeds, and Chad and David debate which of the five teams should be moved down to the #2. They also look at teams like Louisville and Gonzaga, who are high in the rankings, but who’s profile just doesn’t match up, and they discuss what the committee will likely do with them.

Nebraska is now on the bubble, and since their schedule was back loaded, all of their remaining games appear to be winnable, so it’s not too crazy to think they can crash the dance.

There is disagreement on the bubble, and how much the committee will value teams that scheduled hard and played a lot of road games vs teams that had better wins, but got those wins at home.

All that, and much more!!

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