Highlighted Games for Wednesday, Feb 26th

Check out Chad Sherwood’s SCGD Here:  http://hoopshd.com/2014/02/26/small-conference-game-of-the-day-february-26-2/


-MIAMI FL AT VIRGINIA (ACC). Virginia is in the driver’s seat to finish first in the conference if they can hold serve.

-MICHIGAN AT PURDUE (Big Ten). Michigan is a protected seed and they can add another conference road win to their profile tonight.

-UCONN AT SOUTH FLORIDA (American). UConn is in good shape and shouldn’t have too much trouble tonight.

-RICHMOND AT GEORGE MASON (Colonial….I mean, Atlantic Ten). Richmond is outside the bubble and needs a strong finish to even be considered. A loss to a team as weak as George Mason may kill them.

-RHODE ISLAND AT UMASS (Atlantic Ten). UMass is safe so long as they avoid bad losses.

-BUTLER AT VILLANOVA (Big East). Nova still has an outside shot at a #1 seed if they can win out.

-WEST VIRGINIA AT IOWA STATE (Big Twelve). West Virginia is playing much better, but they’re still a good ways outside the bubble and will need a very strong finish. Iowa State could still end up as a protected seed.

-NORTH CAROLINA AT NC STATE (ACC). Huge rivalry game in the ACC. It’s not as big as UNC v Duke in terms of tradition and importance on paper, but I do think NC State actually hates the Tarheels more than Duke does. UNC is in great shape and it will basically take NC State winning out to even be considered, but expect a raucous atmosphere tonight.

-PITTSBURGH AT BOSTON COLLEGE (Big East…..I mean, ACC). Even though BC beat Syracuse, they’re still a bad team, and this loss would still look bad on Pitt’s resume, which doesn’t look all that good to begin with.

-TOLEDO AT NORTHERN ILLINOIS (MAC). At 23-4 and with the bubble being as weak as it is, Toledo will likely get serious consideration if they win out the regular season, but lose in the conference tournament.

-CALIFORNIA AT ARIZONA (Pac Twelve). Arizona is in contention for a #1 seed, and Cal is safely in, but a little closer to the bubble than they’d like to be.

-BAYLOR AT TEXAS (Big Twelve). Baylor is right on the bubble, and a win today puts them safely (for now) inside of it. It would be one of their biggest wins of the year. Texas is safely in, and is just looking to add another notable win to their profile. This has turned into a rather fun rivalry over the years, especially since Baylor emerged as a nationally relevant program, so it should be fun tonight.

-NEBRASKA AT ILLINOIS (Big Ten). I believe Nebraska is right on the bubble, and if they can win out they’ll be very safely inside of it. Illinois isn’t a tournament team, but it would still be a nice road win for a Husker team that has improved incrementally as the year has progressed.

-STANFORD AT ARIZONA STATE (Pac Twelve). Both teams are inside the bubble, but both are very close to it. This is a hugely important and pivotal game for both teams.

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  1. Chad says:

    I think Iowa State has one of the best profiles in the country and is solidly a protected seed right now with an strong chance at the #2 line if they win out and capture the Big 12 tourney. Just winning their last 4 regular season games would put them on the 3 line with an outside shot at a 2. There are very few teams out there with the quality of wins that the Cyclones have.

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