HoopsHD Podcast: O’Bannon and Autonomy 7.29.2014

Galen, David, Kyle and Chad look at two major issues that college athletics is facing in the Ed O’Bannon case, and the upcoming vote on August 7th on whether or not the five power conferences should be granted autonomy.  We discuss how both are related, the events that led up to the situation being where they are now, and the potential impact it could have on the future of college athletics.

The main topics addressed are….

-The likely outcome of the Ed O’Bannon Case, what happens next, and what it means for the NCAA

-The economic structure, and how it will impact schools if it is decided that athletes can be and or should be compensated

-What autonomy for the power conferences means both to them, and to the other 290 div1 schools that are in the mid-major and low major leagues

-All that, and more



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