Highlighted Games for Thursday, Jan 29th


-For our most recent Under the Radar Video Podcast from last night – CLICK HERE

-For a viewing guide of tonight’s games, and all of the games this week, check out Matt Sarzyniak’s site by – CLICKING HERE

-We are hoping to record our Bracket Rundown Podcast this evening, as well as build our most recent bracket projections, so be on the lookout for that.

-I have always been outspoken about how overvalued I thought Duke was, and my reason for that is because they were merely decent and not great on the road.  That is NOT the case this year.  Despite the loss to Notre Dame last night, they took a top ten team to the wall in a true road game.  This is on top of earning road wins at Wisconsin and Louisville.  I’m no less impressed with Duke than I was before despite the loss.  If anything, I could still see them on the #1 line.



-WESTERN KENTUCKY AT LOUISIANA TECH (Conference USA) (***Spotlight Game***).  It’s both a Hoops HD Spotlight Game, and Chad Sherwood’s UTR Game of the Day.  If there is one game you should watch tonight, it’s this one.  CLICK HERE TO READ CHAD’S WRITE UP. 

-DEPAUL AT PROVIDENCE (Big East).  Providence appears to be safely inside the bubble for now.  De Paul is way outside, but has played better despite a loss in their last game, and can get there if they can string together several wins.  That’s much easier said than done, though.

-MICHIGAN STATE AT RUTGERS (Big Ten).  This is the kind of game Michigan State has to be able to win.

-DAYTON AT UMASS (Atlantic Ten).  Dayton has had a solid season so far, but they’re not to a point to where they can just sit back and relax.  UMass isn’t a tournament team, but they do have a good home record, so Dayton will get some credit if they’re able to win.

-MARYLAND AT OHIO STATE (Big Ten).  Maryland needs some road wins if they want to solidify themselves as a protected seed, and Ohio State needs some wins just to breathe some life into their profile.

-UCONN AT CINCINNATI (American).  UConn is outside the bubble and needs to start stringing together wins just to avoid missing the field.  Cincinnati’s profile is pretty solid, but it certainly has some room for improvement.

-PORTLAND AT GONZAGA (West Coast).  It’s a conference game that will seem like a buy game.

-KENTUCKY AT MISSOURI (SEC).  Kentucky looks to remain atop the rankings and stay on track to get the overall #1 seed.

-UTAH AT UCLA (Pac Twelve).  This is a winnable road game for the Utes, who look like a solid protected seed.

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