Championship Week News and Notes, and Other Highlighted Games for Wednesday, March 5th



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-OHIO STATE AT PENN STATE (Big Ten).  This is a winnable road game for an Ohio State team that hasn’t played well on the road.  A loss may sour their profile a little bit, but they appear to be safe either way.

-NOTRE DAME AT LOUISVILLE (ACC).  Notre Dame’s weak OOC schedule is holding them back, so they’re having to pull more weight in conference to show they are a legitimate protected seed.  Louisville is still adjusting to life without Chris Jones, and tonight’s game against a good team will give us a chance to make a statement that they can still win big games without him.

-PROVIDENCE AT SETON HALL (Big East).  Providence has been schizophrenic this year, so you don’t want to ever say they can’t be beaten, but they are in the rankings and should be a first ballot team, and a road win tonight will help solidify that.

-TENNESSEE AT LSU (SEC).  LSU should be in good shape so long as they hold serve, which means not losing at home to non-tournament teams.

-MAINE AT ALBANY (America East Quarterfinals).  I highlight this game because I have been assigned the Maine Black Bears, which means I must zealously support them!  Their march to greatness begins tonight!

-WAKE FOREST AT DUKE (ACC).  With as good as Duke’s profile is I can’t see them ending up anywhere else other than the #1 line so long as they hold serve.

-MIAMI FL AT PITTSBURGH (ACC).  This is a hugely important and pivotal game between two teams that are right on the bubble.

-PURDUE AT MICHIGAN STATE (Big Ten).  This is a hugely important game for both teams.  Purdue is right on the bubble and this is the kind of win that helps get them on the right side of it.  Michigan State is inside the bubble, but has a lot of room to improve and could end up not making the field if they go into the tank.

-TCU AT OKLAHOMA STATE (Big Twelve).  Okie State is going backwards.  They’re still safe, but they really can’t afford to lose this and fall to 7-10 in league play.  The Big Twelve is tough, so they have to take advantage of and win the winnable games.

-CINCINNATI AT TULSA (American).  This game has a pivotal feel for both teams.  Tulsa is right on the bubble, and Cincinnati is inside of it, but with a small margin for error.  A win would be helpful and a loss would be damaging to either team.

-SAINT JOHN’S AT MARQUETTE (Big East).  I like how Saint John’s has been playing these last few weeks and think they can put together a strong profile and get a decent seed if they keep it up.

-USC AT UCLA (Pac Twelve).  UCLA is right on the bubble, but this is not the kind of game that helps them at all.  A win does nothing, and a loss really hurts, especially with it being a rivalry game.

-NEBRASKA AT ILLINOIS (Big Ten).  Illinois appears to be right on the bubble and can’t afford to lose at home against a non-tournament team.

-SAN DIEGO STATE AT UNLV (Mountain West).  San Diego State is in good shape and should be a first ballot team.  They can add another road win to their profile tonight.

-OREGON AT OREGON STATE (Pac Twelve).  Oregon is right on the bubble, and they’ve struggled on the road.  Oregon State, while nowhere close to being a tournament team, has been very tough at home this year, so it’s a win that Oregon will get a lot of credit for if they pull it off.  It’s a high stakes rivalry game both on and off paper, so it should be fun.

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