News, Notes, and Highlighted Games: Monday, Nov 30th

Below is a rundown of all of today’s action, some important links, and a look back at this past week…


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-We will be recording our Hoops HD Report Video Podcast this evening, so be on the lookout for it.  We’ll be recapping one of the busiest weeks of the college basketball season, and looking ahead to this week’s upcoming action.

-I’ve referenced this before, but will reference it again, and will even try and sneak in a good rant about it on tonight’s show.  We saw the resurrection of multiple dormant rivalries, and that’s fantastic!  But, WE NEED THESE TO BE REGULAR GAMES THAT ARE PLAYED ON CAMPUS!!!  Between now and the start of conference play, there will only be a smattering of interesting games.  As you can see below, tonight’s write up is not that extensive, and this is what it will look like most days until conference play begins.  We need more excitement at this time of the year.  Washington and Gonzaga should play regularly (and they’re going to start).  Texas and Texas A&M should play regularly.  Syracuse and UConn should play regularly.  Dayton and Xavier should play regularly.  If any of those games were being played on a night like tonight, it would be the spotlight game of the evening.  The sport needs these kinds of games, and they need them on campus and not at a theme park or resort ballroom.  And, those aren’t the only ones.  Kansas vs Wichita should play.  Kansas v Missouri should play.  West Virginia v Pitt should play.  Kentucky v Indiana should play.  Cincinnati v Ohio State should play.  Georgetown v George Washington should play.  There is far more to gain than there is to lose, and it generates electricity at a time of the season where the vast majority of games are played in front of half empty arenas.

-Xavier absolutely flattened all the teams they faced in the Advocare Invitational, including Dayton who is a likely tournament team.  Xavier has now won four games away from home, including a decisive win at Michigan, and a blowout win against Dayton.  They’re looking like a protected seed, and as of now have built one of the ten best early season profiles.

-Every year, there are teams that start off nowhere near the rankings that explode onto the national scene by the end of Thanksgiving Weekend.  Providence and Xavier have done that this year.  I’d say that Monmouth has as well, although they’re not likely to crack the rankings any time soon.  Texas A&M is another team that made quite a bit of noise.  Already, the polls look nothing like they did before November 13th.



-WAKE FOREST AT RUTGERS.  Wake is off to a really good start with some good wins away from home.  Was it an aberration, or do they really have something this year?  If they’re legit, then they shouldn’t have trouble winning at Rutgers.

-ILLINOIS STATE AT KENTUCKY.  I like this Illinois State team, but I don’t like them so much that I think they’ll win at Kentucky.

-LSU AT CHARLESTON.  LSU has a lot of work to do to get their season turned back around.  This is a road game against a weak team, but getting any kind of win away from home may be what they need more than anything.

-JAMES MADISON AT RADFORD.  Both teams are good, but have dropped some early games that they could have and arguably should have won.  It will take a Herculean effort for one or both of them to end up near the bubble.

-FRESNO STATE AT OREGON.  Both teams are 5-0, and it’s the first real test for Fresno State.  We should learn something about them.

-CHATTANOOGA AT LOUISIANA MONROE.  This is more than just an Under the Radar game.  Chattanooga is currently looking like an at-large team.  The key word there is “Currently,” but we will treat them as such until they stop looking like one.  For Chad’s write up on this game – CLICK HERE

-CLEMSON AT MINNESOTA.  Both teams have a lot of work to do, and a win tonight would be a great start.

-HAMPTON AT GRAND CANYON.  The Team of the People will look to remain unbeaten on the season!!  #LopesWaiver!!



-Alcorn State @ Indiana
-Western Carolina @ South Carolina
-North Texas @ Northern Iowa


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