The Hoops HD Report: July Session

Despite it being the offseason, it’s been a rather busy couple of weeks in college basketball, and Chad and the panel go over all of the news and notes.  They begin by discussing the HB2 laws in North Carolina, and how it has already had an impact on college hoops with Albany not being permitted to play at Duke as they were originally scheduled to do.  They discuss whether or not the measure is appropriate considering Duke was so outspoken against the HB2 laws.  The Big Twelve athletic directors appeared to table expansion, but the Big Twelve presidents have decided to go ahead with it.  They discuss that along with some of the possible candidates.  They also delve into the recent allegations of abuse coming out of George Washington and look at what some of the long term consequences of that could be.  Last but not least, David Griggs is running for president!!  All that, and much more….


For all you radio lovers, below is an mp3 version of the show….

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