The Hoops HD Report: Pre-Preseason Edition

Although the college basketball season doesn’t officially begin until the second Friday in November, teams begin practicing as early as next week, and Hoops HD’s season is about to get into full swing.  Our extension preseason coverage will consist of player and coach interviews, conference previews, podcasts previewing the upcoming season, and much more!  CLICK HERE for an index of all the preseason content, which is already underway and will continue to grow as the season approaches.

On this edition, Chad and the panel begin by reintroducing the site and all of the things Hoops HD features, including their weekly Bracketology with Jon Teitel which proved to be more accurate than all of the major networks and was #3 overall in the Bracket Matrix, the weekly Hoops HD committee updates that makes no attempt to guess the committee, but rather reports and builds the bracket the way they think it should look, the daily write up and recap of games throughout the season, the different types of weekly podcasts, Jon Teitel’s player and coaches interviews, and much more.  They also get us up to speed on the news and notes concerning the NCAA Tournament site being taken out of Greensboro, the coaching issues at George Washington, and Big Twelve expansion.

But, the main focal point this week is a look back at a podcast that was originally recorded on the day of last year’s National Championship game with ESPN’s Joe Lunardi, where the current state of college basketball was discussed.  One of the topics that came up was a series of Out of Conference games that we would like to see, which David Griggs wanted to institute as the “Griggs-Lunardi Awesomeness Series.”  So just for fun we take a look at each of those match-ups and talk about why we’d like to see them, as well as some of the reasons they are not played.  What particularly drives us nuts is that the most common reason we don’t see those games is that one or both programs feel they have “Everything to lose, and nothing to gain.”  Well, that’s ridiculous.  The teams that do play intriguing OOC games, even against regional opponents who are successful on a lower level, don’t lose much of anything.  Take programs like Wisconsin and Virginia, for instance.



Now, if you’re interested, we’ve got a second video for you!!  Below is the above mentioned video that was recorded on the day of the national championship game with Joe Lunardi, which discusses the current state of college basketball and several of the topics concerning it…


And for all you radio lovers, below is an mp3 version of the Hoops HD Report: Pre-Preseason Edition…

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