The Hoops HD Report: 2016-2017 Season Finale!

We are back for the final Podcast of the 2016-2017 season!  We do an in depth recap of the Final Four and National Championship games, and share our opinions on the whistle-fest that was the second half.  We also look back at some of the more defining and indelible moments of the NCAA Tournament, and of the entire season.  We also discuss the recent coaching changes and talk about whether or not we feel those programs are on the right track.


UNDER CONSTRUCTION (and other notes)

-We are doing a bit of house cleaning here at Hoops HD.  As a result, we have deactivated some of our plugins, including the plugin that allows us to post mp3 audio files.  Therefore, there will not be an audio only format of this show available for the next couple of days, but we will upload it for you once we’ve made those changes.

-As mentioned above, this is our last podcast that pertains to the 2016-2017 season, but it is hardly our last podcast.  We will be doing at least one podcast per month, and perhaps more if we are able to line up the guests that we want.  In September, we will once again kick things off with our Pre-Preseason Show and if everything goes according to plan you’ll begin to see Chad Sherwood’s Conference Previews and Jon Teitel’s interviews appearing at that time.  By the time October rolls around we’ll once again be posting content on a daily basis (mostly previews) and that will continue all the way through the end of next season.

-(Stepping out of puppet character) I want to thank the entire staff here at Hoops HD for everything they do and for everything they did this season.  I hope this site is a lot of fun for everyone who reads it because I can assure you it is a TON of fun for me.  I love the daily routine of it all throughout the season of writing up the daily News, Notes, and Highlighted Games, and doing the podcasts throughout the weeks.  When I sit back and think about the amount of work that everyone puts into this, I’m rather amazed.  The Nitty Gritty Rankings, the frequent Bracketology Updates, the preseason interviews and conference previews, the organization of the Mock Selection Committee, the organization of the different podcasts, and the overall maintenance of the site is all done by people other than myself.  I always say that I don’t play fantasy sports or online video games.  I do this, and I love doing this, and I have a blast doing it with everyone that works on and contributes to the site.  It helps remind me of why it is that I love college basketball, and sometimes I need that.  I hope that we’re still doing it when we’re all in our sixties.

In the meantime, the countdown to the Second Friday in November is on!!!

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For all you radio lovers, below is an mp3 version of the show…

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