Hoops HD Special Report: College Basketball Programs Under FBI Investigation

The last two days in college basketball have been unprecedented, and it probably isn’t going to end any time soon.  Ten individuals, including four assistant basketball coaches at power conference programs, have been charged by the FBI with bribery and corruption.  USC, Oklahoma State, Arizona, and Auburn were specifically named, with Louisville and Miami FL being referenced in the report.  The situation at Louisville is especially noteworthy considering that the school is only a month removed from being put on probation for a rather conspicuous and serious violation.  A (yet to be named) assistant coach was apparently caught on video orchestrating a $100,000 dollar bribe.  That’s the most brazen thing I can recall a school on probation actually doing.  It now puts Louisville into the category of being a repeat violator.

Kyle Lamb, a favorite of Hoops HD who will be hosting a weekly podcast, along with his daily podcast at LandOfTen.com hosts the panel of Chad, Galen Clavio, and David Griggs as they talk about what this means to the upcoming season of college basketball, and what it could mean in future years.  We discuss why it was that the FBI got involved, what events led us to where we are now, and what the NCAA could potentially do moving forward.

No video tonight.  Just audio only.  All the radio lovers will be happy.  Our apologies to all you TV lovers out there.

UPDATE #1:  In addition to our podcast that you can listen to or download below, you can listen to more on this subject from Galen Clavio of CrimsonCast.com – CLICK HERE

UPDATE #2: And Kyle Lamb weighs in on his daily podcast at Inside The Shoe/Landof10.com – CLICK HERE

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