NCAA Commission on College Basketball: reaction

Yesterday it was announced that the NCAA has created a Commission on College Basketball to examine 3 specific aspects of D-1 basketball:

1. The relationship of the NCAA and its institutions/student-athletes/coaches with outside entities (such as shoe companies, agents/advisors, etc.)
2. The NCAA’s relationship with the NBA (specifically its “1-and-done” rule)
3. The relationship between colleges and the NCAA national office (to promote transparency and stop any future scandals before they blow up)

The Commission will commence its work next month and then recommend changes in April. The 14-person Commission is a fascinating mix of former players (David Robinson)/coaches (John Thompson III), current school presidents (Rev. John Jenkins), and a chairwoman who was the US Secretary of State (Dr. Condoleezza Rice). HoopsHD’s Jon Teitel reached out to many of the Commissioners to get their reaction and has heard back from Florida athletics director emeritus Jeremy Foley, who issued the following statement:

This commission has important work ahead. The collective talent, experience and wisdom of the people I have the opportunity to work with is off the charts. We have the chance to make a positive impact on the health of college basketball going forward, and that’s a responsibility we won’t take lightly.

We congratulate AD emeritus Foley on his appointment and hope to bring you further reaction from other members of the Commission in the days ahead.

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