Hoops HD Bracket Rundown: February 1st

This show was recorded at 10pm, est on Thursday, February 1st, and the voting was completed by 7pm.  None of the games played on Thursday were factored in

Each of the Hoops HD members submitted their seedlists to Chad.  They were then tallied up and the final results are revealed line-by-line in a bracketed format.  We discuss and debate each team as they are revealed.  Major topics of discussion are whether Kansas or Duke should be on the #1 line, where Saint Mary’s and Gonzaga should be, if teams like K State, Virginia Tech, and others who played poor OOC schedules should be in the bracket, where NC State should be seeded, and much more…


Below is the bracket from the show, but don’t look until you watch the podcast first!

And for all you radio lovers, below is an mp3 version of the show….

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