News, Notes, and Highlighted Games: Tuesday, February 27th


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-The Opening Rounds of the Big South and Patriot League Tournaments are this evening.  CLICK HERE to view the Hoops HD Survival Board.  And CLICK HERE to watch our latest Hoops HD Report, as well as the Championship Week Video Notebook at the end.


-Duke had been playing really well, and they played well again yesterday for most of the game, but went ice cold in the final seven minutes and ended up falling to a very gritty Virginia Tech team that just keeps adding good wins to their resume.  VA Tech is now so far inside the bubble that I think they’re a virtual lock.

-Texas is in trouble.  Losing at Kansas didn’t hurt, but they need some wins that will help.  They are 2-5 in their last seven games and have a tough one at home against West Virginia to close the season.

-We now have a five way tie for first place in the MEAC!


-TENNESSEE AT MISSISSIPPI STATE (SEC).  Mississippi State has a bloated record and should get the committee’s attention based on that and where they are in the conference standings, but they still need some meat on their resume, and that means winning a game like this and winning some games away from home in the tournament.

-SAINT JOSEPH’S AT RHODE ISLAND (Atlantic Ten).  Rhody is on cruise control and is a virtual lock for the NCAA Tournament if they hold serve.

-FLORIDA AT ALABAMA (SEC).  Alabama is in relatively good shape, but it’s hard to say that they’re a lock at this point.  They can’t lose all the rest of their games and still get in.  Florida is sitting a little better, but still has room to improve their resume.

-MIAMI FL AT NORTH CAROLINA (ACC).  North Carolina has been playing so well that it wouldn’t surprise me if they won out through the ACC Tournament and ended up on the #1 line.  Miami is relatively safe, but a win like this would improve their seed and make them COMPLETELY safe.

-AUBURN AT ARKANSAS (SEC).  Auburn has been on a bit of a slide, but is still way up on the protected seed range and should end up finishing first in the conference.  Arkansas is relatively safe, but this would be a really nice win for them that would make them breath even easier.

-DEPAUL AT CREIGHTON (Big East).  Creighton is coming off a HUGE win at home against Villanova and should be able to hold serve tonight.

-OKLAHOMA AT BAYLOR (Big 12).  We have Baylor right on our bubble, and Oklahoma inside of it, but not in the top half of the bracket.  Both teams have room to improve, both need to improve, and both could really use a win tonight.

-KANSAS STATE AT TCU (Big 12).  K State’s resume continues to impove, and they can solidify themselves even further with a road win tonight.  TCU has been playing really well lately and has won their last three games.  So, this is a match up between two likely tournament teams that have been playing well.

-BOISE STATE AT SAN DIEGO STATE (Mountain West).  Boise State has an outside shot at best of making the field, and they basically need to win out until the finals of the conference tournament to even have that shot.

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