Hoops HD Mock Selection Committee’s Final Bracket

UPDATE: 3:40pm.  We do not feel the Houston v Cincinnati game will change either team.  Cincinnati is the outright first place finisher and shouldn’t be punished for losing, nor should they be rewarded for beating a team behind them.  Houston has already beaten Cincinnati and shouldn’t be rewarded for repeating something that they’ve already done.

-We are not attempting to guess the committee.  This is simply what we think the tournament SHOULD look like, not what we think it WILL look like.  Jon Teitel is our resident selection committee guessing expert.  He does guess the committee, and he does it better than almost anyone on the planet.  CLICK HERE to see his most recent bracket.  He will do a final seed list some time this afternoon.

UPDATE (5:58 PM EDT) – Staff Bracket Seed List Projections:

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