The Hoops HD Report: NCAA Tournament Edition

We begin tonight by discussing what we think the committee got right, what we think they got wrong, what we think they were very close to getting disastrously wrong.  We then look at the bracket itself and preview all the First Round games, and collectively fill out the bracket as we go.  In closing, we reveal this year’s Hoops HD AC8 field!!


And for all you radio lovers, below is an audio file of our show….



-#16 LIU BROOKLYN VS #16 RADFORD (East Region).  Both teams play in rather weak, albeit very exciting, conferences.  Neither team was a first place finisher.  Radford did have the better season and has won seven straight coming into this game, and probably has the higher amount of momentum built up between the two teams.  The winner moves on to face Villanova in the Round of 64.

-#11 SAINT BONAVENTURE VS #11 UCLA (Midwest Region).  Both teams won a lot of games, but had limited wins against other tournament caliber teams.  That’s why they’re in the First Four.  I think UCLA, with wins over Kentucky and USC, clearly put together the better resume, but none of that matters today.  The winner will face Florida in the Round of 64.

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