The Hoops HD Report: Interview with David Worlock (NCAA Director of Media Coordination and Statistics)

Chad, David, and Jon are joined by David Worlock, who is the insider of all insiders when it comes to college basketball and the NCAA Tournament.  He works closely with coordinating the media during March Madness and the Final Four, has played a big role in building the Final Four into the huge event that it is since he started in 2006, and for all of the Bracketology junkies out there, he’s been in the room with the selection committee every year since 2006.  We talk about his career and experiences, and also focus on the new NET rankings that is replacing the RPI and discuss the various variables that will go into making it up.  We ask and discuss how the committee takes into account the circumstantial disadvantages that a lot of Under the Radar teams have and whether or not the new NET will be able to reward some of the teams that have a hard time putting together the types of schedules that would impress the committee.  All that, and so much more, including the quality of the food in the selection committee room!

No video.  I know our radio lovers are happy, but we must apologize to our TV lovers….

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