The Hoops HD Report: Big Ten Conference Preview

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A full panel is on board as we take a look at the Big Ten Conference.  It was an unusual year last year where the league put a team in the National Title game, but also put fewer teams in the NCAA Tournament than what we are used to seeing, and had a Nebraska team go 13-5 in league play, but not get selected, which is almost unheard of for the Big Ten or any other P5 conference.  This year we seem to have a lot more questions than answers as teams like Michigan State, Michigan, Ohio State, and Purdue all lost so much talent from last year’s team, and it’s difficult to say how the league will play out.  Nebraska and Wisconsin both return the bulk of their contributors and our panel seems to think both of those teams can do well.  And of course, David thinks Nebraska will win the league, that there was a Dark Web Conspiracy that kept them out last year, and quickly ends up being forbidden to speak about them.


And for all you radio lovers, below is an audio only version of the show…

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