The Hoops HD Report: SEC Conference Preview

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For several years it appeared that the SEC was Kentucky, one or two other tournament teams, and then a bunch of NIT teams.  After putting eight teams in the NCAA Tournament last year that is no longer the case.  The league looks to be as good, or possibly better, than it was a year ago.  Kentucky is a national title contender, and Tennessee and Auburn are both high in the rankings and look to be good enough to compete for protected seeds.  Mississippi State is another team that looks to be much improved, and we expect Florida to be tough as well.  Missouri has been bit hard by the injury bug for the second year in a row, but still has a pretty good team.  Vandy has a really good recruiting class, and even teams that appear to be at the bottom of the league like Ole Miss have reasons to be optimistic.  Watch and/or listen as Chad and the panel run through the entire league.


And for all you radio lovers, below is an audio only version of our show…

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