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Hoops HD is a collaborative effort between several longtime friends and basketball junkies. We’re the type of guys who stay up until 4 AM trying to figure out our S-curves…in January. On this site, you’ll find articles, podcasts, and historical data that will enhance your enjoyment of the game of college basketball.


Chad M. Sherwood: Chad is a die-hard college basketball fan living in the heart of Big Ten country (a/k/a Southern New Jersey).  He is a graduate of Rutgers College in New Brunswick and Rutgers School of Law in Camden.  Despite the fact that his alma mater has not even sniffed an NCAA tournament bid since before he enrolled there, he still cheers them on with all his might and at least knows that his school has a better NCAA tournament history than conference foe Northwestern (UPDATE: at least knows his school has won more NCAA tournament games than conference foe Nebraska).  Chad is the regular host of Hoops HD’s podcasts and is one of the authors of the Under the Radar Game of the Day, which is published daily from the start of regular season play through the start of conference tournament action.  Chad also writes preseason conference previews for the site.

Away from the world of college hoops, Chad is an accomplished attorney with his office located in Atlantic County, New Jersey.  His practice focuses on bankruptcy, personal injury and civil litigation.  He is a former Trustee of the Atlantic County Bar Association and was certified by the Supreme Court of the State of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney.  He also appears bi-weekly on WOND 1400 AM’s Prime Time with Dan Klein.  For more information, check out his law firm’s web site, www.sherwoodlegal.com or follow him on Twitter @csherwood_1973.



David Griggs:  No one really knows for sure where David Griggs came from.  It is believed that he was highly intoxicated on the day he morphed into existence, and doesn’t remember a thing about how it happened.  He was discovered by Galen Clavio and Chad Sherwood after he had been asked to leave, and subsequently thrown out of, a sports bar after being substantially over served.  He was rambling incoherently about college basketball, and as Galen described it, “Wasn’t making much sense, but was still making a hell of a lot more sense than most of the media.”  He once mistook a bottle of Scotch for a bottle of Bourbon, but drank the whole thing anyway.  It is rumored that he alone is the reason the NCAA does not permit the sale of alcohol at any of its championship events.  David disputes this, and although the NCAA has not officially confirmed this, they have not denied it either.  HIs favorite magazine is Playboy, and although he says he likes it for the articles, he cannot remember a single article that he actually ever read.  His favorite beverage is whiskey, his favorite hobby outside of college basketball is drinking whiskey, and an entire county where he used to reside actually passed a law making it illegal for him to drink whiskey or for anyone to supply him with whiskey.  He moved to a new city so he could continue to drink whiskey.  He once cussed out Mark Emmert after mistaking him for Myles Brand, and after he realized Myles Brand was no longer the NCAA President, he cussed out Mark Emmert again.  He once tried to get a giant balloon of himself in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and ended up being permanently banned from the parade and from Macy’s stores nationwide.  And, last but not least, he still hasn’t gotten over the end of the Kansas v. Missouri rivalry even though he is not a fan of either team.

Despite all this, David is both very knowledgeable and passionate about college hoops.  He’s been very close to the game for many years, and has interacted with many coaches, players, athletic department administrators, selection committee members, and people in the media.  You’ll see him on the Hoops HD Video Podcasts, and can read his daily and weekly write ups of the highlighted games on Hoops HD.

You can follow him on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/david.griggs.33 or on Twitter @DavidGPuppet



Jon Teitel: Jon is a college basketball fan who was raised in Phoenix, AZ, but he currently lives in Washington, DC.  He went to college at Penn during the Jerome Allen/Matt Maloney era, and went to law school at Arizona when they made the 2001 title game.  He wrote for two different college basketball websites in the past before joining HoopsHD in 2015, where he will do season previews in September, bracketology in March, and everything in between.  Jon is also the Bracketology/Selection Committee guessing expert at Hoops HD.  In 2016 he correctly guessed 65/68 teams within one of the actual seed line, making him far more accurate than any of the major networks who attempt to guess the committee.  When he is not following his Quakers/Wildcats, Jon is an investigator with the Department of Justice.  To see his most recent posts, follow him on Twitter @jonteitel.



John Stalica: John is a college basketball fan currently residing in Cincinnati, Ohio. While born in Columbus, he grew up following Ohio State; he is a 2001 graduate of Xavier University. By day, he deals in the art and care of fine Oriental rugs; by night, he is another college hoops fanatic who joined the HoopsHD staff for the 2014-15 season. John has done Throwback Thursday columns in the past and is currently one of the UTR columnists for Hoops HD.

You can follow him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/john.stalica and on Twitter at @jstalica78.