The Hoops HD Report: January 27th

Chad is joined by David, John, and at long last Lee Delvecchio.  They begin by looking at some of the bizarre finishes we’ve seen over the past few days, particularly Virginia overcoming a 7 point deficit in just the last 20 seconds to beat Wake Forest.

Then, they get right into the major conferences.  They talk about how they feel Oklahoma is still the dominant team even though they have two losses, and reiterate just how hard it is to win on the road in college basketball.  They discuss Xavier’s big win at Providence, what North Carolina needs to do in order to end up as a #1 seed, Duke’s struggles, Texas A&M’s fantastic season and how even though they’re ranked in the top ten they still may be underrated, how the Pac Twelve has as many as ten teams that are still within reach of making the NCAA Tournament, VCU and how well they’re playing, and much more……


And for all you radio lovers, below is an mp3 version of the show….

The Hoops HD Report: December 21st

Chad and the Panel begin by discussing the sudden retirement of Bo Ryan.  They look back on his career, as well as talk about how it effects Wisconsin moving forward.

They then look back on what was a very busy weekend in college basketball.  They discuss some of the bigger upsets, such as Ohio State taking down Kentucky and whether or not Kentucky was overvalued.  They also look at Northern Iowa’s big win against Iowa State, which is their second of the year.  They focus on Oklahoma’s dominance so far this year, and how they and Michigan State have looked like the two best teams.

Xavier and South Carolina are both unbeaten, and the panel discusses how good they feel both those teams have looked.

Alabama, Oregon, Kansas State, Pittsburgh, Miami FL, Ole Miss, and Texas A&M are other teams that are all off to good starts, and the panel looks at each one and discusses whether they feel they’re legitimate contenders or frauds.

All that, a look ahead to this week’s upcoming games, particularly Louisville vs Kentucky this Saturday, and a lot more…


And for all you radio lovers, below is an mp3 version of the show…

Hoops HD June Session: News & Notes, Restarting the Border War, and More

Chad is joined by David, John and Joby as they delve into the News and Notes of college basketball.  They talk about how NKU has moved from the Atlantic Sun to the Horizon League, and how NJIT was able to join a conference.  They also look at the different rules changes that have been passed and discuss what impacts they think they’ll have on the game, the two most notable being the shot clock and the possibility that the graduation transfer rule may change.

The main topic tonight is something that David Griggs has not shut up about for over two years, and that is the Border War Rivalry between Kansas and Missouri.  The panel wanted to discuss the history of the rivalry, and how they feel restarting it would be different since it’s not a conference game, but would still be beneficial.

All of that, and more….


And for all you radio lovers out there, below is an mp3 version of the show…