The Hoops HD Report: Selection Sunday Plus One

Chad and the panel discuss the teams that made the field, the snubs, and what they agreed and disagreed with in terms of the Selection Committee.  They also run through each of the match-ups and potential match-ups in the Rounds of 64 and 32, and give each of their individual Final Four picks.  They close by quickly looking at the other postseason tournaments, and reveal the first ever field of the Hoops HD AC8 Tournament


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HoopsHD at the Big 10 Tourney: Photo essay (Day 1)

HoopsHD is always hovering around the edge of legitimacy (see Puppet, The), but thanks to the good folks at the Big 10 we are kicking it up a notch this week with a media credential to the Big 10 Tourney in DC.  From his prime perch in the 2nd row Jon Teitel will be bringing you daily updates of much of the action from the Verizon Center via a series of photo essays.  Day 1 tipped off with 2 games (Penn State-Nebraska and Rutgers-Ohio State) and there was as much excitement off the court as on it.

You know it is a big deal because you cannot even get out of the Gallery Place metro stop without seeing all of the signs:

After spending most of the past 2 decades in Chicago and Indianapolis, the Big 10 tourney heads to DC this week before traveling north to Madison Square Garden next March.  I had to work at my other job all afternoon so I assumed that I was going to miss all of Game 1, but thanks to an Ed Morrow layup in the final 30 seconds of regulation I was able to make it courtside for overtime.  Despite not having a single senior on their roster, Penn State came out strong with a 12-2 run to take control in OT en route to a 76-67 win.  Shep Garner scored 16 PTS for the Nittany Lions, but the big story came later that night when I learned that his cousin flew in for the game, an aspiring rapper…named Flavor Flav!  My own best sighting of the day was when I was heading to the postgame press conference and almost bumped into ESPN sideline reporter Molly McGrath.  Not only is she even more beautiful in person than on TV, but she actually stepped aside and waved me through so I could get by even though I was happy to yield the right of way: go Molly!  At the press conference I failed to come up with a suitable question for Nebraska coach Tim Miles, but the big news was that his AD sent out a tweet that Miles will be back next year despite only winning 3 games over the past 2 months.

Then I asked Penn State FR PF Mike Watkins how he was able to play so well (18 PTS/11 REB/Big Ten Tourney-record 8 BLK) after a below-average performance against the Huskers on Valentine’s Day, and he just said that he had been working hard in practice during the past few weeks.

Game #2 featured a Rutgers team who had won only 3 games since Christmas by a combined 6 PTS facing an Ohio State team who has played in more Big 10 Tourney games over the past 13 years than anyone else.  However, there is a reason that Coach Steve Pikiell led his former school (Stony Brook) to the postseason each of the past 5 years: the guy just knows how to win games in March.  Somehow he did it last night despite his leading scorer (Corey Sanders) shooting 2-10 FG and his 2nd-leading scorer (Deshawn Freeman) fouling out with only 10 PTS.  The key was Nigel Johnson, who scored 21 PTS while making a career-high 8-8 FT.  I asked Nigel after the game if he had a lot of family/friends at the game since he grew up in Ashburn, VA, and he said that he indeed had quite a large cheering section in the building.

It also helped that Rutgers out-rebounded the Buckeyes 49-31 and that Ohio State left a ton of points at the FT line by only making 15-28 (and how do you shoot 54.2 FG% in the 1st half but only 23.8 FG% in the 2nd half?!).  I asked OSU SO PG CJ Jackson if he got any satisfaction from playing some of the best basketball of his career over the past 2-3 weeks even though they had just lost to the Scarlet Knights, but he admitted that the only thing he cared about at that moment was that he and his teammates had not been able to come out on top.

I still cannot get over the amazing seat I had on press row, as I was THIS close to the court:

…which allowed me to get great views of the Ohio State band/mascot:

It is also fascinating to look around and see other blasts from the past all over the arena: Buckeyes student assistant Greg Oden (who actually sat in the 1st row of the stands rather then on the bench), Compass Media radio analyst/NBA champion Rick Mahorn (sitting about 5 seats away from me on press row), BTN coordinating producer Bill Friedman (my former co-worker from 20 years ago in Bristol), etc.  I did not get to attend the 1st 2 games on Thursday afternoon, but am heading out soon to catch Iowa-Indiana and then it’s off to a nearby bar to watch Arizona-Colorado in the Pac-12 quarterfinals with some fellow Wildcats.  I hope everyone is enjoying Championship Week as much as I am, and check back tomorrow for my Day 2 photo essay about the Hawkeyes-Hoosiers!

The Hoops HD Report: February 20th

The Hoops HD staff begins by discussing NC State’s firing of Mark Gottfried and the bizarre handling of it.  After that, they run through all of the major conferences reviewing all the action from the previous week, discussing all the teams who are in the NCAA Tournament picture, and preview all of this week’s action.  They discuss how we could see multiple teams with below .500 records in conference end up making the NCAA Tournament, look at what the teams that are on the bubble have to do to end up on the right side of it, and much more…


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Hoops HD Bracket Rundown: February 2nd

Chad is joined by the Hoops HD Staff as they build a seed list and run down the teams line by line.  Watch and listen as they debate, discuss, and assess all of the teams who they feel should be in the NCAA Tournament if today was Selection Sunday.  They are not trying to guess the actual Selection Committee, but rather rank the teams the way they feel they should be ranked.

The show was recorded Thursday, February 2nd at 9pm, est and does not reflect any games that were played after that


Here is what our seedlist looks like after it has been brackted


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The Hoops HD Report: January 30th

Kyle Lamb joins the panel, and they begin by discussing the different types of college basketball power rankings metrics.  Each panelist discusses whether or not each member values them, how they go about implementing them, and how they feel the selection committee uses them.  From there, they review some of the big games from the weekend, including Kansas’s huge win at Rupp Arena, and Villanova’s thriller over a Virginia team that, despite the loss, is looking better and better.  From there they run through all of the multi-bid leagues and touch on Gonzaga’s #1 rankings, UCLA’s recent struggles, the big game coming up between Kansas and Baylor, Kentucky’s two straight losses, the strength of the ACC, Xavier’s and Creighton’s issues with injuries, and much more.


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The Hoops HD Report: Big Ten Preseason Preview

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Chad and the panel take a look at this year’s Big Ten.  Wisconsin is the consensus favorite (the only dissenter is David who naively and foolishly thinks Nebraska and Tim Miles will win it), and many feel that they’re a Final Four caliber team considering how strong they finished last season and all they have coming back.  Michigan State is young, but is once again talented.  Ohio State was disappointing last year, but many on the panel feel they will rebound and be in the NCAA Tournament picture again this year.  Indiana and Purdue will be players as well.  All that, and much more as they run through all 14 teams…..


And for all you radio lovers, below is an mp3 version of the show…