*** FREE CHILI!!! ***

Keep Checking Here For Your Chance to win FREE CHILI!!

In order to be eligible in Free Chili, you must be able to distinguish between Traditional Chili (the top picture) and the Cincinnati-style Chili (the bottom picture).  

Disclaimer:  Free chili is not available in the continental United States.  Only individuals residing in the continental United States are eligible to apply for free chili.  Free chili must be claimed within 30 seconds of being awarded or all offers of free chili shall be null and void.  Free chili may not be fit for human or animal consumption, though it is fit for puppets.  Crackers are not included, but may be purchased for $99.99 per cracker, plus shipping and handling while supplies last.  Spaghetti is not included with free chili, but makes for a tasty extra addition to chili fit for humans, animals and puppets. Staff and immediate family members of HoopsHD are not eligible for this offer.