Highlighted Games and Rivalries for Wed, Dec 5th

-COLORADO STATE AT COLORADO (Front Range). Colorado State is unbeaten, and Colorado’s only loss came against Wyoming, who is another rival in the mythical Front Range Conference, last week. Bragging rights are on the line both on and off paper. This is a rivalry game between two teams that are trying to establish themselves as quality teams

-OHIO AT MEMPHIS. Ohio had looked impressive, but is coming off a bad loss to Robert Morris. Memphis appears to have a good team, but has yet to pick up anything close to resembling a quality win. Both of these teams desperately need to improve the looks of their profile.

-FLORIDA AT FLORIDA STATE. This is a huge rivalry game, but it has lost some of its interest considering how bad Florida State has looked. They appear to have the necessary talent to turn it around, and it should be a high energy game tonight. Florida has looked like a #1 seed all throughout the year so far.

-BOISE STATE AT UTAH. When it comes to a ratio of how accomplished a team is versus how much respect they’re receiving, Boise State’s ratio is way out of whack. They have just one loss, and it was a close game at Michigan State. They also have the best true road win of the season that anyone has managed so far at Creighton. They’re a good team who clearly belongs in the Top 25, at least at this point in time. Utah is currently 5-2 on the year, but hasn’t been challenged at all the way they will be tonight. Not only has Boise looked good, but they’ve looked good away from home.

-GONZAGA AT WASHINGTON STATE. Gonzaga has been playing like a protected seed this whole year. Wazzu is a modest 5-3, but has won all five of their home games and should be jacked for this one.

-CHARLOTTE AT DAVIDSON. This isn’t a nationally recognized rivalry, but it is a very intense rivalry. Charlotte is 7-0 coming into the game, and Davidson is a modest 4-3, but has really gone out and tested themselves with two of their losses being at New Mexico and to Gonzaga, both of whom are ranked and unbeaten. They really need some signature wins and cannot afford too many more losses if they want to get the attention of the committee. Charlotte is unbeaten, but this is by far their toughest test of the year. Their biggest win to date is probably East Carolina, so playing on the road at Davidson is a major step up in their schedule, and we should learn something about them tonight.

-TEMPLE AT VILLANOVA (Big Five). Temple is unbeaten and clearly looks to be the better team. Nova is an unimpressive 4-3. Mythical Big Five Conference bragging rights are on the line.

-SOUTH FLORIDA AT OKLAHOMA STATE. South Florida has gone 5-1 since getting waxed in their season opener against UCF. A win today would really get them back on track. Oklahoma State is trying to rebound from their first loss of the season, which was on the road to what appears to be a good Virginia Tech team.

-UTAH STATE AT BYU (***UPDATE!!!  Game Cancelled due to Utah State’s Danny Berger collapsing at practice***). Utah State is off to a 4-1 start, but this is probably their toughest test of the season so far. These two teams always get after it. It’s important both on and off paper because it’s a rivalry game between two teams that need good wins on their profile.

-DAYTON AT ALABAMA. Dayton is 5-2 and has faced some challenges, but they have not managed a win on the level that this would be. Bama is a good team that is coming off a well played, disappointing loss at the buzzer to Cincinnati, which was their first of the year, and they’ll be looking to rebound from that.

-TENNESSSEE AT VIRGINIA. These two teams have shown potential, but both need to improve the look of their profile.

-PENN STATE AT LA SALLE. A win for La Salle will improve them to 5-1 on the year. I’m standing by my preseason prediction that they will legitimately contend for a spot in the NCAA Tournament.

-USC AT NEW MEXICO. New Mexico is still unbeaten and appears to be superior in every way, shape and form to USC.

-MARSHALL VS WEST VIRGINIA. Both teams have been somewhat disappointing this year. Perhaps a win in a rivalry game could give the winner the boost they need to get things on track.

-UAB AT MIDDLE TENNESSEE. Middle came up short in their last game at Akron. It wouldn’t have been a great win, but it would have been a nice win for a team that has very limited opportunities. A win tonight will get them to 6-2.

-SAINT MARY’S AT DRAKE. Not the easiest road game for a team that has had its struggles early, but if SMC is truly a tournament team this is the kind of game they should be expected to win.

-SOUTHERN ILLINOIS AT WESTERN KENTUCKY. Both teams currently have decent records, and both will have opportunities to boost their profile later on in the season. It’s hard to say how meaningful this game will ultimately end up being because it’s hard to know for sure how good each team will ultimately end up being, but for now it is worth paying attention to.

-STEPHEN F AUSTIN AT TEXAS A&M. I’m not too excited about either team, but SFA is unbeaten, and TAMU has just one loss on the year.

-DUQUESNE VS PITT. Pitt has dominated this series, but this has often been a competitive game. A win will get Pitt to 8-1.

-IUPUI AT BUTLER. Interesting inter-city match-up. These two teams normally don’t play, but I guess they have now begun a series. A win will get Butler to 6-2.

-NORTH DAKOTA STATE AT MOREHEAD STATE. One of the Summit League Favorites can improve to 7-2 on the year.

-NORTH TEXAS AT SAINT LOUIS. North Texas should make some noise in the Sun Belt, but may be in a little over their heads tonight against SLU.

-UMES AT MARYLAND. Maryland has not lost since their season opener against Kentucky.




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