AC8 Tournament

The AC8 (Atlantic City 8) is an annual post-season college basketball event created and hosted by  It is not played in Atlantic City, and it has 11 teams, not 8.  It was created due to our desire to see even more postseason basketball, and was originally scheduled to be played on a luxury aircraft carrier.  Unfortunately, all we could afford for our inaugural 2017 event was a sunken rowboat   The boat/playing court sank into the lake and the event had to be been cancelled in its first year.

For 2018, we had a new playing court that would likely not sink.  Plus, even more importantly, all fans in attendance were scheduled to get FREE CHILI!!!!! Unfortunately, due to low supplies of Free Chili, and a minor riot among fans in attendance, the 2018 AC8 Tournament had to be cancelled.

For 2019, David Griggs attempted to arrange for the event to take place on Pablo Escobar’s private island in the Bahamas.  Unfortunately, the island was abandoned and unsafe — and armed guards escorted us back to our boats.  As a result, the event had to once again be cancelled.  In lieu of refunds for pre-purchased tickets, we will be sending out Free Chili to anyone that can provide proof of purchase.

UPDATE: The 2019 AC8 has been Cancelled due to someone having the bright idea of leaving a Puppet in charge of event management.  Sorry for the inconvenience and we will see you next year!