HoopsHD Podcast 07.21.13

HHDpodsLike a horseman of the apocalypse, the HoopsHD podcast series is riding through town once again. Galen and Lee take on several current topics in the game, including Tim Floyd’s irritation at a player wanting to transfer to USC, the continuing issues at North Carolina and the never-ending stream of reporting emerging from that situation, and more.

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2 Responses to HoopsHD Podcast 07.21.13

  1. David Griggs says:

    In regards to video games, we’ve got 348 div1 teams, 13 players on each team. The stipend being floated around is $2000. I don’t know thing one about video games, but would it be worth $9 million and change to EA sports to pay all div1 scholarship basketball players $2000.00 so they can use the names in the game??

  2. David Griggs says:

    An argument I’ve heard is that it is the NCAA’s position that the player likenesses are EA Sports doing, not the NCAA’s. The NCAA allowed them to use the names of the teams, schools and logos, and that’s it. They didn’t design the player functions.
    Long story short, the position is “Don’t sue us. Sue EA Sports.”

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