Highlighted Games for Tuesday, November 12th

-MIT AT HARVARD (***GAME OF THE DAY!!!***). I’m a little disappointed that Chad did not make this his SCGD. Therefore, I’m giving it top billing.

-KENTUCKY AT MICHIGAN STATE. A #1 vs #2 matchup is always fun. Both are solid teams, both look to be aiming for the #1 line, and winning a game like this is what can get a team up there.

-KANSAS AT DUKE. Pretty much the same scenario as Kentucky vs Michigan State. Two teams that could end up being #1 seeds who can get a huge win.

VCU AT VIRGINIA. Both teams are ranked and both appear to be solid tournament teams. This is a great early season matchup between two contrasting styles. It should be fun to watch.

-FLORIDA AT WISCONSIN. Wiscy looked very good in their opener against Saint John’s, whereas a very shorthanded Florida team struggled against North Florida in their first game. It could be a long night for the Gators.

-DENVER AT CALIFORNIA. I believe Denver is an NCAA Tournament caliber team. This is the kind of game they need to win if they want to end the season inside the bubble. It’s early, but it’s still a high stakes game.

WEST VIRGINIA AT VIRGINIA TECH. These two teams haven’t always played. Three or four years ago it would have been a fun game. This year, VA Tech looks really bad and West Virginia is still trying to get themselves back to being a tournament caliber team.

-SOUTH CAROLINA TAT BAYLOR. Baylor beat what appears to be a pretty good Colorado team in their season opener. South Carolina won their opener as well, but this will be a much tougher test.

-NC STATE AT CINCINNATI. NC State appears to be down this year, and Cincinnati is a team that I feel is underrated.

-MANHATTAN AT COLUMBIA. A crosstown matchup between two teams that won their opener. Keep an eye on Manhattan. I think they’re a solid tournament caliber team. The problem is that their schedule is weak so their margin for error is small.

-OHIO AT OHIO STATE. This is a buy game, but it’s interesting enough to warrant mention with the other games. Ohio has been a consistent MAC contender, but they lost four starters from last year’s 24 win team and appear to be at the bottom of their talent cycle. Ohio State, once again, is a top ten caliber team.

-SOUTH ALABAMA AT TEXAS. Both teams are 1-0 and Texas beat a pretty good Mercer team in their first game.

-MONTANA AT MINNESOTA. A pretty good Big Sky team going up against a rebuilding Big Ten team.

-DREXEL AT ILLINOIS STATE. I like this Drexel team and think they’re worth keeping an eye on. This would be a nice early season road win.

-TENNESSEE AT XAVIER. I think Tennessee is a tournament caliber team, and I think Xavier could be. It’s a good early season game that should allow us to learn something about both teams.



-Long Island @ Indiana

-Hofstra @ Louisville.

-Grambling @ Marquette.

-Fresno State @ Pitt. Not much is expected of Fresno, but they did win their opener.

-South Carolina State @ Michigan.

-Morgon State @ Towson. A Baltimore crosstown matchup.

-Fordham @ Syracuse.

-Utah Valley @ Oklahoma State. Utah Valley has won their first two games. If they can win this one, then they’ll have my attention.

-Western Illinois @ Nebraska.

-Quinnipiac @ La Salle. La Salle needs to rebound from their opening loss to Manhattan.

-Oakland @ UCLA.


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  1. Chad says:

    I couldn’t pass up a chance to highlight the defending USCAA Division II Champions…but MIT-Harvard was a close second.

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