Highlighted Games for Sunday, Nov 17th


-YOUNGSTOWN STATE AT UMASS. Both teams are unbeaten and UMass has already registered wins against LSU and Boston College.

-STANFORD AT DENVER. This is a huge home game for a Denver team that appeared to be good coming into the year, but looked really bad in their game against Cal last week. They need some notable wins if they want to get the attention of the committee, and that means taking care of business against Stanford at home today. Stanford’s defense has been pretty bad, and they’ll have to pick it up if they want any chance of winning this one.

-INDIANA STATE AT NOTRE DAME. Indiana State may be good enough to play their way into the NCAA Tournament conversation, and a win today would certainly go a long way in helping their cause.

-LEHIGH AT HOUSTON. I’m not big on Houston, but they can get to 4-0 with a win.

-BELMONT AT NORTH CAROLINA. Belmont will be a force in the Ohio Valley, but they’re likely in way over their head today.

-MICHIGAN AT IOWA STATE. These are two tournament caliber teams, so it’s a chance for both of them to pick up a good win.

-TOWSON AT VILLANOVA. Both teams are unbeaten. Towson has undergone one of the biggest turnarounds in college basketball, and they could really explode onto the national scene if they’re able to pick this one up on the road.

-STONY BROOK AT INDIANA. I know this is a buy game, but considering how IU struggled against LIU Brooklyn, and considering how Stony Brook is a likely conference frontrunner in the America East I figured I’d put it in with the featured games.

-SOUTH CAROLINA AT CLEMSON. A rivalry game between two teams that desperately need to establish themselves and build up some momentum. South Carolina looked good in a losing effort against Baylor, and Clemson hasn’t really been tested yet.

-BOSTON UNIVERSITY AT UCONN. Both teams are unbeaten and UConn looked really good in their last game.



-South Carolina State @ Nebraska. A win for Nebraska gets them to 3-0.

-Long Beach State @ Kansas State. K State has struggled in their first two games and this could be a bigger fight than what many expect.

-Louisiana Lafayette @ Baylor.

-Charleston Southern @ New Mexico.

-Robert Morris @ Kentucky. RMU is one of the better teams in the NEC, but they’re in over their heads today.

-Oakland a@ Gonzaga. This is a tough Oakland team despite the fact that they’re 0-3, but Gonzaga has looked really good this season and will likely overwhelm the Grizzlies.



-Oregon State at Maryland.


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