Highlighted Games for Tuesday, Nov 19th


-MEMPHIS AT OKLAHOMA STATE. This is the first big test for either of these teams. Both appear to be tournament caliber teams, and if their current rankings hold up they’ll be protected seeds, so it would be a very nice win for whoever pulls this off.

-EAST CAROLINA AT DUKE (Preseason NIT). East Carolina hasn’t lost yet, but they haven’t played in a game like this yet either.

-VANDERBILT AT BUTLER. Both teams are 2-0, but neither have looked all that good up to this point.

-DEPAUL AT MILWAUKEE. I don’t think either team will stay on the radar for much longer, but both teams come into this game with just one loss and DePaul does have a decent win against what should be a good Wright State team.

-BUCKNELL AT SAINT JOHN’S. We probably won’t be looking at these teams in another month or so, but for now it’s worth paying attention to.

-ARIZONA STATE AT UNLV. Even though it’s November, there is a sense of urgency to this game for UNLV. They haven’t looked good at any point this year, and they’re going up against an Arizona State team who isn’t expected to be good, but does come in 3-0.

-RHODE ISLAND AT ARIZONA (Preseason NIT). Arizona has looked tremendous so far.



-Texas Arlington @ Kentucky

-Iona @ Kanas.

-North Dakota @ Wisconsin. North Dakota will make some noise in the Big Sky, but chances are they’re overmatched tonight.

-Hofstra @ Richmond

-Hartford @ Louisville

-Delaware State @ George Washington. A win gets GW to 4-0.

-Georgia State @ Alabama

-Prairie View @ Texas A&M. Not all that big on TAMU, but a win does get them to 4-0.

-Seattle @ Boise State.

-Utah Valley @ Oregon.

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