Highlighted Games for Saturday, Dec. 7th



-UCLA AT MISSOURI.  Both are unbeaten, and although they’ve played some teams that are semi-decent, this is the toughest game for both teams up to this point.


-MARQUETTE AT WISCONSIN.  Wiscy has the better wins, is at home, and appears to be the better team.  Still, this is a rivalry game, and a win like this could be the boost that Marquette needs both on and off paper to jumpstart their season.


-KANSAS AT COLORADO.  Colorado appears to be getting better and better as the season progresses.  They’re coming off a rivalry win at Colorado State, and their fans should be jacked for this one.  Kansas is very good, and it will be interesting to see what they do in a true road game against a good team.


-CINCINNATI AT NEW MEXICO.  This is the first real test for the Bearcats.  I think they’re a top 25 caliber team, and if they win today they’ll certainly prove that to be the case.






-LA SALLE AT STONY BROOK.  This is the kind of game La Salle needs to win if they have any hope of getting back into the at-large discussion.


-TEXAS AT TEMPLE.  Texas hasn’t always looked impressive, but a win does get them to 8-1.


-LOUISIANA LAFAYETTE AT LOUISVILLE.  Louisiana Lafayette has just two losses on the year, but is likely overmatched today.  Still, if they could pull off the win, it would land them on the national stage.


-NORTH DAKOTA STATE AT BRYANT.  Neither team is likely to get an at-large, but both are among the better teams in their conferences.


-HARVARD AT BOSTON U.  Interesting crosstown rivalry game here between a Harvard team that appears to be solid, and a Boston U team that only has two losses.  This should be a fun one.


-BYU AT UMASS.  Both teams look like solid tournament teams, so it’s a chance for both to add another quality win to their profile.


-FORDHAM AT SAINT JOHN’S.  Both teams have just two losses and could use a win in this one.


-CLEMSON AT ARKANSAS.  Both teams have good records, but they need notable wins.  I don’t think either has managed a win as good as this one would be up to this point.


-RICHMOND AT WAKE FOREST.  Both teams have looked good at times and have decent records, but both need good wins.


-EASTERN MICHIGAN AT PURDUE.  Purdue seems to be improving, but they have a tall order today from an EMU team whose only losses have come to Kentucky and UMass, and they looked good in those games.  Purdue is the better team, but they’ll be in trouble if they overlook them.


-BRADLEY AT MILWAUKEE.  A win for Milwaukee gets them to 9-2.  No one was all that big on them prior to the start of the year, but they’ve looked good so far.


-DELAWARE AT NOTRE DAME.  The Irish need this one, and they better not overlook Delaware because they’re one of those teams that’s good enough to beat teams that overlook them.


-VIRGINIA AT GREEN BAY.  Virginia is walking in to a bit of a snake pit.  UWGB may be a bubble caliber team, and they don’t lose often at home.  They took Wisconsin to the wall earlier this year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they beat UVA Today.


-UNLV AT ARIZONA.  I think Zona is the best team in the country right now and they’ll likely have little trouble against a UNLV team that has struggled.


-VILLANOVA AT SAINT JOSEPH’S (Big Five).  Villanova is off to an incredible start.  Saint Joe’s has looked good at times, but still appears to be overmatched.  Then again, this is a very bitter rivalry, so you just never know.


-NORTH DAKOTA AT BUTLER.  North Dakota is off to a slow 2-4 start, but will likely make quite a bit of noise in the Big Sky.  Butler has struggled in most of their games, but did look good against Oklahoma State and LSU.  The problem is they didn’t win either of them and currently have no good wins on their profile, so this loss would be damaging.


-UAB AT NORTHEASTERN.  UAB is coming off a notable win against North Carolina, but this is a huge trap game.  Northeastern is 2-6, but they’ve played a tough schedule and have hung in with some good teams.  One of their two wins was over Georgetown, so UAB cannot afford to overlook them.


-DAYTON AT ILLINOIS STATE.  This is another chance for Dayton to pick up a true road win, which is something they’ve always struggled to do in the past.


-SAINT LOUIS AT VALPO.  SLU is a good team, but they need some notable wins.  Valpo isn’t great, but they are pretty good at home and it’s a win SLU would get some credit for.


-IOWA VS DRAKE.  Drake has just one loss, but this is by far their toughest test.  It’s also an in state rival, so the game means a lot to them both on and off paper.  Iowa has looked good this season, but could still use another decent out of conference win.


-PACIFIC AT UTAH STATE.  Both teams have looked good this year, and each has just one loss, so it’s a chance for both to pick up a quality win.


-NEW MEXICO STATE AT GONZAGA.  New Mexico State is a good team who desperately needs quality wins out of conference, but I don’t think they’re quite good enough to pull this one off.

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