2013-2014 Pac-12 Student Media Preview

Welcome to the second of two 2013-2014 Student Media Conference Previews!

Now up: the Pac-12.

I talked with student sport media members from all of the Pac-12 Schools (with apologies to Arizona (errr), Wahsington, and Oregon State), because quite simply it would be really cool and fun to get the students’ perspective.

You can enjoy to the entire mega-preview podcast or listen to each team’s preview individually.

Thanks to all who participated:
  • Hayden Kim – Basketball Beat Reporter for the Daily Emerald at University of Oregon
  • Eric Glassner – brother of Hank Glassner and avid Colorado/UCLA fan
  • Josh Nacion – Basketball Beat Reporter for the State Press at Arizona State University
  • Michael Rosen – Sports Editor for the Daily Cal at University of California – Berkeley
  • Daniel Lupin – Basketball Beat Reporter for the Stanford Daily at Stanford University
  • Jacob Freedman – Basketball Beat Reporter for Galen Central at University of Southern California
  • Ryan Miller – Basketball Beat Reporter for the Daily Utah Chronicle at University of Utah
  • Trevor Williams – Basketball Reporter for the Daily Evergreen at Washington State University



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