Highlighted Games for Thursday, Feb 26th


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-HOUSTON AT TEMPLE (American).  Temple appears to be in relatively good shape, but that will change quickly if they pull a UConn and lose to Houston.

-WOFFORD AT MERCER (Southern).  I don’t think Wofford will have enough to end up inside the bubble if they fall in the conference tournament, but they should at least be in the discussion.  It will require nothing short of winning out, and they’ll likely come up short even then.

-COASTAL CAROLINA AT PRESBYTERIAN (Big South).  Coastal is just one game out of first place and still has a chance to clinch home court advantage in the……..oh, nevermind.  For more on that check out our Under the Radar Podcast.

-MINNESOTA AT MICHIGAN STATE (Big Ten).  I don’t see Minney as being near the bubble right now, but a strong finish will get them there.  Granted, they’ve shown very little to make us believe they have the ability to finish strong.  Michigan State has had a rough year, but is really playing well lately.

-NEBRASKA AT OHIO STATE (Big Ten).  It’s a good thing Nebraska is on the road this week because they’re presumably able to use the visiting locker room.  Head Coach Tim Miles locked them out of their locker room at home.  Ohio State has been tough to beat at home and has a solid profile that shouldn’t change so long as they hold serve.

-UTEP AT LOUISIANA TECH (Conference USA).  I am perplexed as to how this is not the UTR Game of the Day.  Chad doesn’t get many things right, but he normally gets the UTR Game of the Day right, but today he didn’t even get that right!!  UTEP has won seven in a row and is finally starting to look like the team we’d thought they’d be.  The question is whether or not they can get their resume to a point to where the committee will consider it because most of those wins have been against weak teams.  LA Tech is unbeaten at home, and this would be the kind of quality win that would jump out at the committee despite LA Tech’s low RPI.

-SMU AT MEMPHIS (American).  This SMU team is rolling and should be a first ballot NCAA Tournament team.  This is a chance for them to polish up the profile even more by getting another notable road win.

-ARIZONA AT COLORADO (Pac Twelve).  Arizona appears to be a solid #2 seed, so this is the kind of road game they’ve been winning and that you’d expect them to continue to win.

-RUTGERS AT PURDUE (Big Ten).  Purdue is really hot right now, and has been playing especially well at home.  Rutgers is dealing with some issues, particularly the issue of not being good, so Purdue cannot afford to slip up against them.

-BYU AT PORTLAND (West Coast).  UTR Game of the Day.  See above.

-ARIZONA STATE AT UTAH (Pac Twelve).  Utah has been outstanding at home this year and should easily end up as a protected seed.  We love watching Arizona State play, but not so much as the road team.  They won’t be bringing the Curtain of Distraction with them.

-SAN DIEGO AT GONZAGA (West Coast).  This, like many Gonzaga conference home games, is a conference game that will likely feel like a buy game.

-OREGON STATE AT STANFORD (Pac Twelve).  Stanford is outside the bubble and basically needs to finish strong if they want to end up in the safe zone.

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