Hoops HD August Session

On this month’s offseason episode, Kyle goes to the NCAA Library in Indianapolis.  How exciting!!!

David Griggs is absolutely thrilled to hear about all the research he’s been doing.  So, we get an update from Kyle on what he saw and experienced while at the NCAA HQ, and an update on the College Basketball Database that he’s been putting together for the site.  It’s coming!!  We promise!!

In addition to Kyle, Chad is joined by Jon, John and David.  The panel discusses the NLRB ruling and how that impacts not just college basketball, but all college sports.  They also talk about the two new selection committee members this year, and whether or not the imbalance of FBS representatives vs non-FBS representatives will matter.  They also touch on what’s happening at North Carolina, and how the NCAA’s thinly spread enforcement staff could be contributing to why they’ve been so slow to act.

Last but not least, they go over the rules changes and discuss what impacts they feel it will have on the game this upcoming season


…and for all you radio lovers out there, below is an mp3 version of the show….

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