Under the Radar: December 30th

Chad and David are back for the final UTR Podcast of 2015.  They start off with a look at the Patriot League, who’s conference games got underway tonight.  They discuss Army’s big win against Monmouth and how they should be a force in the conference.  David once again points out how the Patriot League’s conference tournament being on campus sites makes the regular season so much more exciting, and how leagues that do it at a predetermined site are doing it wrong.  They also run through all 23 UTR Conferences, and discuss how Monmouth, Chattanooga, Little Rock, UT Arlington, Evansville and Wichita could all end up inside the bubble, which is far more UTR teams than what we’re use to seeing.  They reveal this week’s Top Ten, look ahead to next week’s action, and more….



And for all you radio lovers, below is an mp3 version of the show…


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