Handing out the Hardware: Best players of the exhibition season

The start of the regular season means that it is time to recognize the best players from college basketball’s exhibition season. HoopsHD’s Jon Teitel has reviewed all of the numbers and is ready to announce his picks for the 6 best players from each tier of the sport based on their best games from the past month. Players are listed in a traditional 5-position lineup (G-G-F-F-C) plus a 6th man off the bench (with 1 exception). If you think that he has overlooked anyone then feel free to tweet us your comments.

Power-5 performances of the exhibition season
G: Jaylen Nowell (Washington): 26 PTS/12-15 FG in a win over Nevada
G: Marcquise Reed (Clemson): 29 PTS/3-5 3PM in a win over Barton College
F: Zion Williamson (Duke): 29 PTS/11-13 FG in a win over Virginia Union; 23 PTS/9-14 FG/10 REB in win over Ferris State
F: Dedric Lawson (Kansas): 31 PTS/11-16 FG/15 REB in a win over Emporia State
C: Moses Brown (UCLA): 20 PTS/8-9 FG/13 REB/4 BLK in a win over NYIT
6TH MAN: RJ Barrett (Duke): 32 PTS/11-18 FG/4-7 3PM in a win over Ferris State

Mid-major performances of the exhibition season
G: Sandy Cohen III (Green Bay): 28 PTS/6-6 3PM in a win over Michigan Tech
G: Tyler Hooker (Kennesaw State): 36 PTS/10-18 FG/3 STL in a win over Clayton State
F: Lamine Diane (Cal State Northridge): 30 PTS/14-21 FG/17 REB in a win over Antelope Valley; 23 PTS/14 REB/5 BLK in win over Cal State Los Angeles
F: Lachlan Anderson (Eastern Kentucky): 26 PTS/5-5 3PM/16 REB in a win over Kentucky Christian
F: Mladen Armus (East Tennessee State): 12 PTS/5-9 FG/21 REB/0 TO in a win over Southern Wesleyan
6TH MAN: Moses Greenwood (Southeastern Louisiana): 21 PTS/7-9 FG/14 REB in a win over Delta State

Non-D-1 performances of the exhibition season
G: Jamal Pollydore (Glenville State): 34 PTS/8-10 3PM in a loss to Marshall
G: Michael Baez (Lynn): 21 PTS/4-7 FG/15 REB in a win(!) over Florida Atlantic
F: Deane Williams (Augusta): 16 PTS/13 REB/3 STL in a win(!) over South Carolina
F: Ben Grandle (Multnomah): 17 PTS/15 REB/3 BLK in a loss to Portland State
C: Ryne Williams (San Francisco State): 22 PTS/4-9 3PM/12 REB/0 TO in a loss to Nevada
6TH MAN: Derek Novsek (San Diego Christian): 30 PTS/6-11 3PM in a loss to Cal State Fullerton

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