Like everything else at Hoops HD, we do Bracketology a little differently.  We actually have two kinds of brackets.  One is what we at Hoops HD think the selection committee SHOULD be doing.  We are making no attempt whatsoever to guess the committee.  These brackets come out at least once week during the season (usually on Sunday or Monday), and they are CHECKPOINTS based on CURRENT MERIT, not PREDICTIONS of how good we think the team is or how good we think their profile will look at the end of the season.  In other words, they reflect what a team has done up to that point.  If you see brackets early on in the year and they look totally crazy, that’s why.  You may ask what the point of that is.  Well, two things.  It gets us in the habit of evaluating merit and disregarding our own suppositions, and we simply like doing it that way, so there!!

The second type of bracket that you’ll see will be put together by Jon Teitel.  He is trying to guess what the actual selection committee will do.  He is, hands down, one of the best selection committee guessing experts on the planet!  Last season he had 65 out of 68 teams within one of their actual seed line, which was far more accurate than what any major network projected.  His brackets usually start showing up about ten to twelve games into the year, and are posted once a week from that point on.

Last updated by JON TEITEL on Sunday, March 12th @ 5:28pm, est.  This bracket reflects what Jon thinks the actual selection committee will do on Selection Sunday

1: Villanova (Big East): AUTO-BID
1: Kansas (Big 12)
1: North Carolina (ACC)
1: Gonzaga (WCC): AUTO-BID

2: Kentucky (SEC): AUTO-BID
2: Oregon (Pac-12)
2: Duke (ACC): AUTO-BID
2: Arizona (Pac-12): AUTO-BID

3: Louisville (ACC)
3: Baylor (Big 12)
3: UCLA (Pac-12)
3: Florida State (ACC)

4: Florida (SEC)
4: West Virginia (Big 12)
4: Butler (Big East)
4: Notre Dame (ACC)

5: Purdue (Big 10)
5: Virginia (ACC)
5: Iowa State (Big 12): AUTO-BID

6: Cincinnati (AAC)
6: Minnesota (Big 10)
6: Wisconsin (Big 10)
6: Michigan (Big 10): AUTO-BID

7: St. Mary’s (WCC)
7: Maryland (Big 10)
7: Creighton (Big East)
7: Virginia Tech (ACC)

8: Northwestern (Big 10)
8: Arkansas (SEC)
8: Wichita State (MVC): AUTO-BID
8: Miami FL (ACC)

9: South Carolina (SEC)
9: Oklahoma State (Big 12)
9: Dayton (A-10)
9: Seton Hall (Big East)

10: VCU (A-10)
10: Marquette (Big East)
10: Vanderbilt (SEC)
10: Michigan State (Big 10)

11: Xavier (Big East)
11: Providence (Big East)
11: Wake Forest (ACC)
11: Middle Tennessee (CUSA): AUTO-BID
11: USC (Pac-12)
11: Kansas State (Big 12)

12: Rhode Island (A-10): AUTO-BID
12: Nevada (MWC): AUTO-BID
12: UNC-Wilmington (CAA): AUTO-BID
12: Vermont (America East): AUTO-BID

13: Princeton (Ivy): AUTO-BID
13: East Tennessee State (SoCon): AUTO-BID
13: Bucknell (Patriot): AUTO-BID
13: Winthrop (Big South): AUTO-BID

14: New Mexico State (WAC): AUTO-BID
14: Florida Gulf Coast (Atlantic Sun): AUTO-BID
14: Iona (MAAC): AUTO-BID
14: Northern Kentucky (Horizon): AUTO-BID

15: Kent State (MAC): AUTO-BID
15: Texas Southern (SWAC): AUTO-BID
15: North Dakota (Big Sky): AUTO-BID
15: Jacksonville State (OVC): AUTO-BID

16: Troy (Sun Belt): AUTO-BID
16: South Dakota State (Summit): AUTO-BID
16: NC Central (MEAC): AUTO-BID
16: New Orleans (Southland): AUTO-BID
16: Mount St. Mary’s (NEC): AUTO-BID
16: UC Davis (Big West): AUTO-BID



Last updated by the HOOPS HD STAFF on Sunday, March 12th @ 4:30pm, est.  It makes no attempt to guess the actual committee.  It is what they think the field should look like if they themselves were the selection committee

BRACKET NOTE:   If this matches what the real committee does, it would be the first time that North Carolina will have played a team from Durham, NC in the NCAA Tournament