Joby’s Nitty Gritty Rankings

Joby’s Nitty Gritty Rankings Explained

Joby’s Nitty Gritty rankings were created as an attempt to quantify the characteristics the selection committee has always stated and shown to be important as key factors in their analysis.  He actually draws from what is known as the “Nitty Gritty Sheet” that the Committee uses in taking the inputs for the statistics that make up these ratings.  This is why it is known as his Nitty Gritty Ratings.

The baseline for strength is on the RPI.  The Committee, rightfully or wrongfully, has repeatedly used the RPI as the baseline to determine what a “good win” (typically top 50) or a “bad loss” (typically anything above 100) is.  Other factors such as high level wins away from home, conference leaders, overall records, SOS, and “playing hot” are all components that comprise the ratings.

The ratings in their first year showed some strength.  When nobody thought UCLA should even get close to a bid, the ratings revealed that they actually were in the thick of the discussion (further proof the ratings are meant to mimic the Committee, NOT evaluate merit in a manner that should be adopted).  We know of few other “formulas” that have the ability to accomplish this task.

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