Highlighted Games for Thursday, Jan 24th

-UCLA AT ARIZONA (Pac Twelve). UCLA could use a big road win to play their way into being first ballot team. Arizona appears to be a clear protected seed at the moment. Should be a good one between two of the better teams in the Pac Twelve.

-WYOMING AT UNLV (Mountain West). UNLV appears to be in better shape than Wyoming at the moment, but there is room for improvement on both teams’ resumes. Speaking of room for improvement……

-STANFORD AT COLORADO (Pac Twelve). Colorado has hit the skids and needs to resuscitate their resume.

-BELMONT AT MOREHEAD STATE (Ohio Valley). Not nearly as much buzz about this year’s Belmont team as there was about last year’s Murray team, but they may be every bit as good.

-VCU AT RICHMOND (Atlantic Ten). A bitter crosstown rivalry is now a conference rivalry. Richmond appears to be overmatched, but they should be jacked up for this one. VCU is the only remaining unbeaten team in A10 conference play.

-PURDUE AT MICHIGAN (Big Ten). In my opinion, Michigan is the best team in the country, and they’d currently sit atop my seed list. Now that I’ve said that, they will likely lose to Purdue tonight.

-TENNESSEE AT OLE MISS (SEC). Ole Miss has cracked the rankings and appears to be playing their way further and further inside the bubble.

-VIRGINIA AT VIRGINIA TECH (ACC). It’s a rivalry game and it should be a good game, but both teams appear to sit outside the bubble at the moment.

-MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE AT NORTH TEXAS (Sun Belt). UNT was a SBC favorite coming into the year, but has been very disappointing. I can’t help but think that MTSU will get a serious look if they run the table, which they’re good enough to do.

-LOUISIANA TECH AT SAN JOSE STATE (WAC). At 16-3, I wonder what kind of a look LA Tech will get if they win out, but fail to win the conference tourney.

-USC AT ARIZONA STATE (Pac Twelve). Arizona State’s record is misleading, they need big wins, and they need to avoid bad losses to teams like USC.

-BYU AT GONZAGA (West Coast). BYU is on the bubble, and maybe even outside of it. Without a big win like this one, they may be sweating.

-SAN DIEGO AT SAINT MARY’S (West Coast). Like BYU, SMC is right on the bubble and needs to avoid bad losses.


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