Small Conference Game of the Day – February 5

The Battle of Chalk Bluff, May 1-2, 1863.  Union Brigadier General Vandever was repulsed in his attempt to prevent Confederate General Marmaduke from crossing the St. Francis River, though Marmaduke’s forces suffered considerable losses.  The battle was fought near the present day city of Paragould, Arkansas, at a geological formation known as Crowley’s Ridge.

Today, Crowley’s Ridge also gives its name to a tiny four year private college whose 2011 enrollment totaled 311 students.  Those students interested in playing basketball can fill out a simple signup form on the school’s web site (  The school is a member of the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA).  Through January 19 of this year, their men’s basketball team was 5-15 on the season.  Apparently, none of the 311 students at the school has bothered updating their website with the results of the four games they have played since then.*

Tonight, 7:00 PM Eastern, small Crowley’s Ridge College will send their Pioneers men’s basketball team on the road to Richmond, Kentucky to battle the Colonels of Eastern Kentucky out of the Ohio Valley Conference.  While on occasion a Division I school will face off against a Division 2 or 3 school, or even more rarely against an NAIA school, for a Division I team to play an NCCAA school is almost unheard of.  Almost.  This same Crowley’s Ridge team actually already played another OVC member, Tennessee Tech, back in November.  CRC lost 107-32.  Unfortunately, it is likely to be more of the same in tonight’s SCGD.

One more side note on CRC – they actually have only been a member of the NCCAA for about 4 years now.  Prior to that, they were in the Association of Christian College Athletics (ACCA), where they were actually the runner-up in the National Tournament in 2007.  If you want any further information about the team, feel free to check out their website.  The phone number and email address of Head Coach Chris Perkins is listed right on it.



*UPDATE: Through due diligence, it has been established they went 2-2 in those games, making their current overall record 7-17.

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2 Responses to Small Conference Game of the Day – February 5

  1. David G says:

    Don’t forget Tocooa Falls, They will occassionally play a SoCon school. If memory serves they have lost 81-15 to Wofford, and 141-39to Western Carolina in recent years.
    Great explanation of the NCCAA. I believe they are a sub group (for lack of a better term) of the NAIA. Kind of like the Pioneer League in football. It’s technicallyFCS, but it is its own sub group. But, yets. There is no recruiting. It’s basically glorifiied intramurals.. Anyone who wants to can sign up and will be given a chance to make the team.
    This is more than just the SMGD. It’s perhaps the game of the year.

  2. David Griggs says:

    In order to keep the proper amount of attention on tonight’s utterly absurd matchup between Crowley’s Ridge and Eastern Kentucky, I’ve opted to post tonight’s highlighted games in the comments section rather than posting them above Chad’s write-up.

    -OHIO STATE AT MICHIGAN (Big Ten). One thing that is missing from Ohio State’s resume is a good road win. This would not only be a good road win, it would be a tremendously good road win. Much easier said than done, though. Michigan has not lost at home, and they nearly beat Ohio State earlier this season after falling way behind. With first round locations in Dayton, Auburn Hills and Lexington and a Regional in Indianapolis, these Big Ten games are hugely important in regards to tournament placement.

    -CENTRAL MICHIGAN AT AKRON (MAC). If Akron can win out, which I think they’re good enough to do, I believe they’ll be on the bubble.

    -FLORIDA AT ARKANSAS (SEC). On paper, Florida has been playing like one of the best teams in the country and is in solid contention for a #1 seed. They haven’t just been winning. They’ve been dominating.

    -VILLANOVA AT DEPAUL (Big East). Nova is outside the bubble and is running out of strikes. This would be a dagger if they didn’t come away with a win.

    -BOSTON COLLEGE AT MIAMI, FL (ACC). Miami is a legit top ten team who may be good enough to win out.

    -WAKE FOREST AT NORTH CAROLINA (ACC). UNC is inside the bubble and needs to win this in order to stay there.

    -KANSAS STATE AT TEXAS TECH (Big Twelve). I’m a little higher on this K State team than most others seem to be. They have a solid resume and shouldn’t have any trouble adding another road win to it tonight.

    -KENTUCKY AT SOUTH CAROLINA (SEC). Kentucky is right on the bubble and cannot afford to lose games like this.

    -FLORIDA STATE AT GEORGIA TECH (ACC). I highlight this game for one reason….to emphasize that Florida State is not inside the bubble, on the bubble, or outside the bubble. They are nowhere near the conversation. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to stop eating paint chips.

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