Highlighted Games for Wednesday, Feb 6th

-UNITED STATES AT HONDURAS (CONCACAF). Okay, wrong sport, but it is still a big game, and if we can talk about it on the podcast, I can write about it. Much has been made about how this game is taking place in the most violent city in the world. That may be true, but it is one of the least violent stadiums to play in. It will be hostile, but not as hostile as the rest of CONCACAF, so if the USA doesn’t get at least a tie, they’re in trouble. Don’t Tread On Me!!!!

-BAYLOR AT OKLAHOMA STATE (Big Twelve). Oklahoma State has shot way inside the bubble with their win at Kansas. Baylor is still on it, if not outside of it, and could use a notable road win.

-CONNECTICUT AT SAINT JOHN’S (Big East). The Johnnies are a bubble team and every game has a pivotal feel to it.

-SOUTHERN MISS AT UCF (Conference USA). Southern Miss’s next top 100 win will be their first. They have a good record, but no quality wins, so this is a huge game for them. It would be their biggest statement win of the year by far.

-MINNESOTA AT MICHIGAN STATE (Big Ten). Michigan State is in better shape than Minnesota for the time being, but both are very solid teams and both could end up as protected seeds. That is important considering there are second/third round games in Auburn Hills.

-MARQUETTE AT SOUTH FLORIDA (Big East). Marquette is coming off a decisive loss at Louisville, but they’re still in good shape and can add another notable road win to their profile.

-SAINT BONAVENTURE AT BUTLER (Atlantic Ten). The top of the A10 is logjammed, and Butler is one of the players. They have great wins, but could use some more true road wins if they want a solid protected seed.

-CHARLOTTE AT TEMPLE (Atlantic Ten). This is a very pivotal game for both teams. Temple has quality wins, but they have some head scratching losses and are very schizophrenic in general. They seem to have fallen from safely in to right on the bubble. Charlotte is a bubble team with a good record, but lacks quality wins. So, both have a lot to gain and potentially a lot to lose in this one.

-CINCINNATI AT PROVIDENCE (Big East). Cincinnati is the better team with the better profile by far, but no road win is easy.

-CREIGHTON AT INDIANA STATE (Missouri Valley). Creighton appears to be safely in, but they are by no means a lock for a protected seed. Indiana State can play their way inside the bubble with a strong finish, and this is an opportunity for them to pick up a huge win of note.

-LOUISVILLE AT RUTGERS (Big East). The Cardinals may have blown their shot at a #1 seed, but they looked very good in their last game and appear to be back on track. Now they need to show up and look good in a true road game.

-ALABAMA AT AUBURN (SEC). If Alabama wants any shot at all they need a strong finish and cannot afford a loss in a game like this.

-SAINT LOUIS AT FORDHAM (Atlantic Ten). SLU has looked fantastic lately, and although they’re on the road they should have very little trouble winning this one.

-MEMPHIS AT SMU (Conference USA). It’s always the same story with Memphis. A great record, but no wins that are really notable up to this point. Therefore, the margin for error is small.

-MISSISSIPPI STATE AT OLE MISS (SEC). Ole Miss is having a great year, but they’ve hit a skid with two straight losses. Albeit both were to good teams, but they can’t afford to lose at home to teams that are nowhere close to the NIT like Mississippi State.

-KANSAS AT TCU (Big Twelve). Kansas is coming off of a loss, but they shouldn’t have too much trouble tonight.

-IOWA AT WISCONSIN (Big Ten). Iowa has looked good, but they still appear to be on the bubble and could use a huge win in a game like this.

-AIR FORCE AT NEW MEXICO (Mountain West). I’m not completely sold on Air Force, but I am getting there. They have looked good in conference and can really make a strong case for themselves with a win tonight.

-STANFORD AT ARIZONA (Pac Twelve). Stanford has played well at home lately, but will really be challenged tonight. Arizona still looks like a #2 or #3 seed caliber team.

-UNLV AT FRESNO STATE (Mountain West). Vegas could really use this win on the road.

-COLORADO STATE AT NEVADA (Mountain West). Colorado State has looked very strong lately, but they’ve done most of their damage at home. Nevada isn’t a tournament team, but they have given teams fits on their home court, so it’s an interesting test for the Rams tonight.

-WYOMIG AT CAL STATE BAKERSFIELD. An odd OOC road game for the Cowboys. It should end their losing skid, but it won’t do anything to help their profile.

-BOISE STATE AT SAN DIEGO STATE (Mountain West). There are some very good things on Boise’s profile, but not enough to sustain them if they don’t’ turn their slump around. Winning tonight would really help their cause.


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