Rankings Rant

I just looked at the rankings.  They make no sense at all.

I guess I understand the reason why Duke is ranked ahead of Miami. The reason is that the voters don’t use logic when they assess teams. Miami did manage to squeak by Duke when they met earlier in the year. Not sure if anyone caught that or not. On top of that, they’ve managed to win at places where Duke failed to win. Most recently, Duke struggled to win at Boston College. Whatever logic went into ranking Duke ahead of Miami has probably blown the planet Vulcan off its axis (footnote Star Trek).

Kentucky checks in at #25 in the AP poll. Nothing, not one thing, indicates that Kentucky is a top 25 team. The win at Ole Miss was good, but does that one single moment out of hundreds of hours indicate that they’re a top 25 team?? They lost at home to Baylor. They lost to Alabama (the same Alabama that was creamed by Auburn). They lost at home to Texas A&M, and struggled to beat LSU. At home. Kentucky routinely loses to or struggles to beat teams outside the top fifty. The key word is ROUTINELY. Occassionally (and by occassionally, I mean once) they play well at a place like Ole Miss.

At least Missouri is out of the rankings.  Barely, though. It only took the voters a month to figure out what any one with any sense at all could figure out, and that’s that Missouri is likely a fringe top forty team…if that. Since, Mizzou is still #26, only some of the voters have figured that out.  Clearly not all of them.  They’re last year’s Arkansas team. They’re great at home and awful on the road.  Mizzou is out of the rankings, but how in the world are they still #26??  I just don’t get it.

Creighton’s blowout loss at Indiana State, and follow up loss to Illinois State (a sub 100 team), must have really impressed the voters in the coach’s poll. I feel the need to repeat that. Creighton was unranked a week ago, and lost two games to teams that aren’t even in the same universe as the top 25, and went from being unranked to being ranked. Huh??

***EDIT:  When looking at the Top 25, Creighton is in at #23, and Colorado State checked in right behind them at #24.  In the PREVIOUS RANKING column, it said #13 next to Creighton, and NR next to Colorado State.  It has just been pointed out to me that I transposed them.  I guess I shoudln’t be pointing my finger at the voters if I can’t keep my own facts straight – D Griggs (2-13-13)***


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