The 2019 Hoops HD Selection Committee: Saturday, March 16th

Tonight, our Hoops HD Selection Committee met via Zoom conference call to finish filling out our NCAA Tournament field – the next set of tasks included building the master seed list and doing an initial scrub of the seed list.

The first order of business was filling out open spots in the field – Washington, St. John’s, Ohio State, Belmont, Temple and Indiana were voted into the field. Indiana went back onto the Under Consideration board once Oregon stole a bid after beating Washington to win the Pac 12 Tournament. The teams Under Consideration were also scrubbed down to ten teams (and Handy Handerahan was also added onto the board by a drunk puppet) – Memphis, Davidson and Oregon (assuming a loss to Washington at the time) were removed at the time.

After those teams were voted into the field, we resumed building the seed list two lines at a time. Contingency teams from the Atlantic 10, Sun Belt, Ivy League, Big West, Pac-12 and WAC were added to the field since there were still championship games in progress on Saturday night. Our seed list was down to 71 teams at the end of the night after the Big West went final. After the seed list was built, the committee did a scrub of the entire seed list. Motions would need a second from a committee member to be considered and could pass by a simple majority vote.

This is the updated board:

Tomorrow will be the final day of the Hoops HD Selection Committee – additional motions in regards to teams in the field can be considered, and a further scrub of the seed list will be in order. Contingency brackets won’t be needed this season thanks to Houston/Cincinnati and Michigan/Michigan State matchups in the final conference championship games, so the final bracketing should take place mid-afternoon. Stay tuned to Hoops HD tomorrow afternoon for our final bracket!

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